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Bobby’s Contract with Illinois

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After having been around the district for the past couple months and with the beginning of the “Bob’s for Jobs” tour, the Bobby Schilling for Congress campaign has drafted their own Contract with Illinois voters. The contract currently has five promises that Bobby is making to the district for when he is elected. Below are Bobby’s promises to the voters of Illinois:

1. Bobby will not accept the 5-year congressional pension.

2. Bobby will not accept any congressional pay increases whatsoever. Any pay raises will be returned to a charity inside of the 17th district.

3. Bobby will not sign on to the congressional health care option.

4. Bobby will term limit himself to 8 years maximum, in the House of Representatives.

5. Bobby will provide constituent services that are “second to none.”

Bobby said that he believes that the “servants heart” has been taken out of politics and has been replaced with a want of money and power. He furthered this and said, “I know that it costs a lot to maintain two residences, but if I have to, I will sleep on a cot in my congressional office. I am going to Washington to do one thing: Serve the people.”

Stay tuned for more Bobby Schilling for Congress updates…

Photos from Day 1 and 2

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Check out the photos from Day 1 and 2 of the Tour across the IL 17th District:

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Our first stop, Erie IL

Judy James of The Erie Review

John Schilling and Bob

John and Bob

Bryan Gummert of Grummert Hardware

Sam Card and Bob

Talking with Kewanee Supporter

Mayor Kevin Meade and Bob

Jeff Stanton of Oquawka

Bobby meets with Stronghurst FS

Terry Schilling Working Hard

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Bob’s for Jobs: Day 2 finito

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Today was the best day of the tour yet. Bobby met with citizens, employers and community leaders across the “mid-north-western” part of the 17th district.

The overall message that has been received so far is that Congress is not paying attention or listening to the people. There were several citizens/employers that said that they wanted a congressman who cared enough about them to meet them. One man from Stronghurst said, “Bobby, this is the third time that I have seen you in town. I have never seen the sitting congressman.”

That’s another major issue that Bobby has been hitting hard on: Representation. Everywhere he goes, he makes sure that people know that when he gets into office, he plans to travel the entire district regularly. Schilling told a group of voters that just because their town was small that they still deserved a voice.

And come next Novemeber, that is just what he plans on giving them.

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Bob’s for Jobs: Beginning of Day 2

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On the way to Canton, IL to meet with Mayor Kevin Meade. Bobby will then drop in on some local businesses to hear employer concerns. Then stopping by the Canton Daily Ledger and Fulton Democrat.

It’s starting off to be a beautiful day…stay tuned.


Bob’s for Jobs Tour: Day 1

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Monday, December 28th marked the first day of the Bob’s for Jobs Tour. Bobby and his campaign staffers took his message and plan to business and community leaders across the northern part of the 17th District. The tour started in Erie and finished up back home in Moline. Schilling met with employers in Erie, Sterling, Kewanee, Cambridge and Moline. For the most part everyone had the same message: Stop the Spending and and talk of higher taxes!

Business leaders throughout the district know that higher spending leads to higher taxes and more regulations. Bobby told employers that he understands clearly that higher taxes and more regulations are business and job ‘killers’.

Stay tuned tomorrow (actually later today because it took me a while to figure out this whole Word-press thing) for pictures and updates on Day 2 of the Bob’s for Jobs Tour.

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