Pelosi-Hare Agenda Losing Momentum

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Phil Hare is not an independent-minded legislator. He is an ultra-partisan liberal ally who votes with Nancy Pelosi 98.8% of the time, and he was even recently rated as one of the least effective members of Congress.

It is amazing how Phil Hare has so consistently and blindly voted for the interests of Nancy Pelosi than for the best interests of the 17th district, even when other Democrats across the country are seeking to put greater distance between themselves and their party’s failed leadership. The Politico reported today that:

“Some of the Democratic Party’s most endangered lawmakers are taking steps to distance themselves from Speaker Nancy Pelosi in an attempt to inoculate themselves from charges that they are beholden to the unpopular House leader and supportive of the ambitious national Democratic agenda.”

However, Phil Hare is not one of the Democrats running away from Nancy Pelosi and her liberal agenda. Instead, Phil Hare unfailingly embraces Pelosi’s failed policies. Phil Hare’s blind allegiance to everything Pelosi wants is perhaps only another reason why only 39% of voters in IL-17 believe he deserves another term in Congress.

The differences between Bobby and Phil Hare are clear, and having gained 11 points in the polls, the momentum is on Bobby’s side. Just this week the generic congressional ballot showed that Republicans have a 10 point advantage over their Democrat colleagues. 10 points is the largest lead Republicans have held over Democrats, ever.

Coincidentally, the Hill newspaper cited a national Democratic strategist this week saying he was “pessimistic on the [Democrat] party’s fall prospects… If someone like [Phil] Hare is in trouble, that could obviously mean bad things for us.”

The fact is independents and moderates are swinging towards common-sense candidates with business experience like Bobby, and even national Democratic strategists are singling out Phil Hare as extremely vulnerable. The positive momentum for Bobby shows that Phil Hare is more in touch with Nancy Pelosi than the voters of the 17th district.

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This weekend Bobby Schilling put out a press release with a reaction to the depressing economic news reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Under Phil Hare’s failed leadership Illinois has lost 171,100 jobs since the stimulus passed in February of 2009. Here is the Schilling release:

When the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act passed in February 2009, the Obama Administration projected that the bill would create 3.7 million jobs by December 2010, including 148,000 new jobs in Illinois. This has not happened. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 2.6 millions jobs have been lost since the $787 billion stimulus package’s passage, a net difference of 6.3 million jobs. Illinois has lost 171,100 jobs since the bill’s passage, a net difference of 319,100 jobs.

Bobby Schilling, Republican candidate for Congress in the Illinois 17th District, believes these numbers are indicative of the failure of the stimulus bill.

“It’s been 18 months since the passage of the stimulus, and we’re still waiting for these new jobs,” Schilling said. “Actually, we’ve lost more jobs. We spent $787 billion our country couldn’t afford on a bill that made a bad economic situation worse. People are starting to realize that raising taxes and spending excessively is not the way out of a recession. It’s time for representation that will do what it takes to bring jobs to the 17th District. I will fight for low taxes, for fiscal responsibility, and for the needs of the people of this district.”

These figures are clear proof that we need a change and that the way forward is with new leadership. We must replace Phil Hare in November to refocus on jobs and the economy in 2011. Thankfully, Bobby Schilling is focused on the economy and job creation for the middle class. Schilling’s business background and prescription of pro-growth, low tax policies is what we need in Congress to fix the unemployment crisis here in Illinois.

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What’d He Say?!?!?

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Phil Hare is embarrassing our district all over the country and we need to remove him before its too late (see 1:48 in the video above). Hare continues to say the most silly things and people all over the country are noticing. Not only that, Hare votes with Nancy Pelosi 98.8% of the time.

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Phil Hare = A Lot More Gov’t Spending

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As Bobby Schilling was in the Quad Cities yesterday calling for an end to government takeovers, massive spending, crushing deficits, high taxes, and bailouts, the Hare campaign continued its crusade against the private market and the private sector of the economy.

Hare spokesman Tim Schlittner was quoted in the Quad-City Times today. The Hare campaign’s only response to the problems of government spending and government takeovers was that, “The government does not control health care. The health care reform bill we passed didn’t even include a public option.” It is clear that Phil Hare wants more control and that he wants a public option that would cost even more to the taxpayers. Phil Hare believes that more government spending will fix our economy because he thinks government can solve our problems better than private individuals and free private enterprise.

Phil Hare has voted with Nancy Pelosi on almost every vote he has ever taken in Congress, a 98.8% rating with Pelosi. Plain and simple, Phil Hare has always been, and always will be, an advocate for big liberal interests, out-of-control spending, reckless deficits, and failed economic policies.

Can someone share this chart from the Joint Economic Committee with Phil Hare if he ever decides to have another town hall meeting? Even Hare should know that without the public option, the heavy hand of government is all over our health care system. The JEC chart below shows just some of the growth of taxes, bureaucracy, and new government programs that Hare voted for.

Americans and the people of the 17th district are facing some serious economic issues and these disagreements on economic policy highlight, yet again, the need for several debates in the 17th district.

Voters are excited by the alternative Bobby offers. People are resonating with Bobby’s proposals for cutting wasteful spending, growing jobs with Kennedy and Reagan style tax cuts, and his pledge to fight for the middle class.

Unlike Hare, Bobby knows we can’t continue down this failed course that Nancy Pelosi has led us — we can’t afford to gamble our future with Phil Hare. As you know, we are at a crossroads and we need your help.

Please do what you can today to help Bobby take back our government so we can remove Hare and get people back to work by cutting spending, lowering taxes, and rolling government back from crowding out the private sector. Contribute to Bobby’s MoneyBomb today to make a difference and send the message that you want real change. Help us remove Hare today.

Why Is Phil Hare Ducking Debates?

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“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”  –  Abraham Lincoln

Phil Hare’s decision to duck debates is a stunning admission that the public doesn’t have a right to ask questions and that incumbent politicans don’t have to answer to their constituents.

With all of the important issues facing our country, Bobby Schilling called on Hare to commit to four debates across the district last week. The Hare campaign claims they haven’t seen the debate requests. However, this request letter has been sent directly to the Hare campaign and the media over a week ago.

Hare refuses to answer to his constituents even though just last week the US Bureau of Labor Statistics showed Illinois losing 20,020 jobs from June to July, making the state one of the biggest job losers in the entire country.

These debates would give Hare a chance to defend his votes for out-of-control spending, crushing deficits, government-run healthcare, and his 98.8% support of Speaker Pelosi’s liberal agenda.

Maybe the reason Hare is ducking debates is the same reason he refuses to release his poll numbers.  Hare knows that the voters are tired of politics as usual, his avid support for the Obama-Pelosi liberal agenda, and they want someone new who will focus on improving the economy and restoring the public trust.

Yesterday the Watermark Women agreed to host a political debate on September 2nd and Bobby has already agreed to participate. However, the Quad Cities Online is reporting that Phil Hare is missing in action, again. They wrote:

“The following candidates have not indicated yet whether or not they plan to attend the event: Larry Weber, Democratic candidate for Mercer County treasurer; Phil Hare, Democratic candidate for 17th District Congressional seat; and Pat Verschoore, Democratic candidate for 72nd District state representative. In addition, none of the candidates for Mercer County Board have indicated yet whether they plan to attend.”

Public political debates have always been an important element of American democracy during election season. Voters deserve to have a representative that is honest, forthright, and transparent in their dealings. You have to ask  yourself, “why is Phil Hare ducking the debates?”

On Monday Jim Geraghty at National Review Online placed IL-17 on his list among the top 42 Republican takeover chances in November. Bobby Schilling is the outsider candidate with business experience who is gaining momentum against incumbent Phil Hare in IL-17. This race is key for everyone who wants real change from the status quo, and a chance to retire Nancy Pelosi’s liberal agenda in Washington.

Geraghty’s analysis of Illinois races show Bobby Schilling (IL-17) and Adam Kinzinger (IL-11) have the best chance at winning this fall against their opponents.

The reason that IL-17 has become more competitive is clear. Bobby has been straight forward with the voters of the 17th district with ideas focused on the economy: improving conditions for job creation, getting better control of federal spending, making Washington more accountable, and lowering taxes. Earlier this year Bobby met with voters on a 34-city “Bob’s for Jobs Tour.” This summer Bobby has committed to holding another series of “Solutions for the 17th Town Hall Meetings” across the district.

The Aledo Times Record quoted Schilling recently saying:

“I want to share my vision with the people of the 17th District.  At the same time, I want to hear their concerns. The current representative of this district refuses to hold town halls because he doesn’t want to explain his record to the people he represents. I have promised that as a Congressman I will provide constituent service that is second to none. I believe that includes holding regular town halls across the district. A true statesman listens to the people he represents, and I intend to do just that.”

While statewide unemployment remains stagnant at over 10% Phil Hare continues to stand by the Obama-Pelosi liberal agenda and he ignores the Schilling campaign’s request to participate in public debates. Instead, Phil Hare has decided to use taxpayer funds to send out constituent “mailers” and holding “tele-town halls” that screen questions from concerned citizens to promote his re-election campaign.