Bobby Signs the Contract with the 17th

Bobby Schilling made a contract with the Illinois 17th Congressional District after a two-week Bob’s for Jobs Tour. The contract contains six promises that Bobby is making to the district for when he is elected.

Below is the outline of the contract with Illinois:

1. Bobby will not accept the 5-year congressional pension.

2. Bobby will not accept any congressional pay increases whatsoever. Any pay raises will be returned to a charity inside of the 17th district.

3. Bobby will not sign on to the congressional health care option.

4. Bobby will term limit himself to 8 years maximum in the House of Representatives.

5. Bobby will provide constituent services that are “second to none.”

6. Bobby will not vote in support of any bill that he has not read.

Bobby signed the contract in front of supporters on January 6th in Moline, IL. Susan Carpentier served as the witness.

Click the thumbnail below to see a scanned copy of the contract


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