For The Love of Food And Music

On December 5, 2021, in Music, by edwardpan


How do you listen to music? Does it blow past you while you sit intently focused on the screen in front you? Or do you let it waft over you like a breeze carrying the scent of freshly baked bread out of the oven? The point is that there’s no one way to listen, and certainly many ways to appreciate music. Everyone listens to music; even if you live in a bunker awaiting the zombie apocalypse. You should definitely have some good tunes, some good listening music. If you listen attentively, there are parts of a song which regardless of genre, provoke a type of feeling. Whether it’s in the melody, rhythm, or texture of the song, the first thing that strikes you about any song is how it makes you feel. Some music takes you to the past, like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin may take you back.

Similarly, food evokes a familiar feeling. Like the mac and cheese that reminds you of home during the holidays, even when you’re miles away. Remember that cake at your first grade school birthday party? Food envelops you in an array of feelings and memories. Just think, if you could taste your favorite song, or hear a five course meal. What would they taste and sound like?

For me, whenever I smell bay leaves in a soup, it makes me think of Saturday evenings. Every Saturday growing up, there would be soup simmering on the stove for hours. Bay leaves were always part of the soup recipe, with an aroma equally as delicious as the flavor it added. Cruisin’ by Smokey Robinson comes to mind, though there was always a Motown artist playing lightly on the radio in the background. That song embodies the feeling of comfort that came along with eating soup on Saturdays. Smokey Robinson’s voice had an airy quality in its falsetto, like the fragrance of spices that filled our whole house. The laidback beat and strings bring to mind the rhythmic bubbling as the soup was stewing on the stove.

What’s in your musical gastronomy mix?

Listen to these tunes and tell us what your musical gastronomy mix would be.

Oddisee – Caprice Down

The Lone Bellow – Teach Me to Know

Timothy Bloom – The Morning After


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