Today members of Congress plan to vote on the most important legislation in the history of the United States.

The vote on the current Healthcare Reform bill today will take America in one of two directions; either down the path of Europe, where government intrusion and interference, high debt burdens, and high unemployment rates are regarded as part of the norm or down our own path, a path in which we, citizens of the United States, make our own choices, lead our own lives and create a better future for our children.

Together, we can make the difference right now.

I am asking you to join with us on our march to Washington next November, to make sure that no matter what Congress decides today, that your voice will be represented and that this healthcare deform bill will be repealed.

The last day of the “3/21 Kill the Bill” money-bomb is here. Because of people like you we have almost doubled our goal and had to readjust it three times. I wanted to personally say thank you and remind you to give today a final push with your family and friends. Make sure that everyone you know donates what they can, even if it is just $5 or $10. It all adds up and it all matters.

For example $10 gets us 10 yard signs. A donation of $5 gets us 15 bumperstickers. A donation of $8.80 sends out direct mail pieces to 20 families. Any donation helps and gets us closer to beating another record and even closer to getting to Washington.

In case you haven’t donated yet or have forgotten the money-bomb website it’s

Donate $5, $10, $15 or whatever you can afford to help kill the bill.

With your help, we can kill this government takeover together!



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