This anthem is a new twist on Billy Joel’s song “All For Leyna.” They picked up the pace, added some heavy drums and a few claps. But the track captured my attention simply because of the vocals. The female vocal arrangement pleading for Leyna one more time is enough to pull you in (if the beat isn’t enough). This is a heavy bass-infused, kicking song remake and remix of Billy Joel’s old tune. The new life infused into this track is all thanks to Misun, a band from DC. Misun produces songs which take musical influences from rock, hip hop, and in this case EDM (Electronic Dance Music). Though they started as coworkers in the same restaurant, lead vocalist Misun Wojcik, bassist William Devon, guitarist and producer Nacey and drummer Jon Jester relocated to LA, and have recently performed at SXSW.

The remnants of the old song remain, but carry such a different energy than its predecessor.  Gone is the gut wrenching urgency and the extreme feeling of an unrequited obsession that Joel conveyed in every word. This version takes several steps back from the ledge and lightens the bleak picture of love sucking hope down in its undertow. The lyrics are there, but the listener knows this song is for fun. A lighthearted high-pitched female voice recites the same lyrics, but to seduce the club generation who are used to big beats and chopped up vocals. At about the 2:45 mark, there is about 30 seconds worth of haunting vocals that seem to provide the listener with a solemn break to remind the listener of the true intent of the lyrics. Let’s be honest, spring is here finally. Who really wants to be down? The beat drops back in and everything is right in the world. With such a varied sound, Misun is a group worth your attention, regardless of your favorite genre.  Check out the songs below, you’ll be surprised at their range.

Misun – Travel With Me

Misun – Harlot


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