Bobby’s Op-Ed on Earmarks

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Check out Bobby’s op-ed on earmarks in the Quad Cities Online, or read it below.

This week our campaign released a television ad titled “Hare Was Here.” It is a 30-second clip showing the economic devastation our area has faced since Phil Hare came to office. Since Hare first tasted power in Washington, he has added $5 trillion to our national debt and doubled unemployment. Illinois ranks a miserable 48th out of 50 in job creation, and Hare continues to peddle the lie that our economy is on the right track as long as we continue spending more of your hard-earned money.

Congress’ out-of-control spending is the problem, not the solution. We need earmark reform that improves transparency, roots out corruption and eliminates wasteful spending. My opponent never met an earmark he didn’t like.

Lawmakers have gone to federal prison for abusing the earmark process and it is about time we cleaned up Washington. It was reported that a disgraced Washington earmark lobbyist for the PMA Group named Paul Magliocchetti, who gave hundreds of dollars in campaign contributions to Hare, pled guilty in federal court last month. Magliocchetti could face up to 15 years for funneling $386,000 in corporate campaign contributions to lawmakers over the last six years. What’s worse is that Hare secured $6.8 million worth of earmarks for Magliocchetti’s clients when people here in Illinois were losing jobs.

The U.S. economy lost 95,000 jobs last month, Illinois’ unemployment is at 10.1 percent, and our national debt is growing beyond $13.6 trillion. Hare was too busy trying to secure earmarks and working to save his job to pass a budget or even fight to extend the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts for the middle class. Hare lost the will to govern a long time ago, but he hasn’t lost his appetite for out-of-control spending.

When I challenged Hare on his comment that “we’ve got job growth, we’re headed in the right direction” to the Quincy Herald-Whig, Hare responded by bragging about bringing home new projects.

It doesn’t matter that the process is corrupt and broken and that we owe nearly $900 billion to the Chinese. By Hare’s logic we would be continuing down the right path if unemployment and our national debt doubled again so long as Hare is able to double spending on earmarks and keep his own job. Sending American jobs and debt to China is the wrong answer.

There is a reason Hare said this summer that he wants to debunk the myth that this country is in debt – it’s because he is addicted to spending.

There is a reason Hare refuses to sign a pledge not to raise your taxes — it’s because he is reliant on raising taxes on middle class families to feed his insatiable spending appetite.

There is a reason Hare received some of the lowest scores in Congress from groups like Citizens Against Government Waste, the Club for Growth, the National Taxpayers Union and Americans for Tax Reform.

Hare proudly says, “if it’s pork, give me a fork!” That’s not responsible government. It’s the mentality of a career politician who has been corrupted by Washington and has become detached from ordinary Americans. We need to address our economic crisis with lower taxes, less spending, limited government, and more transparency.

That is why I oppose the “move-margins-at-midnight-mentality” in Washington, where there’s a mad dash to write each congressman’s pet project into a big appropriations bill. Earmark reform that forces lawmakers to be more transparent is critical to weeding out corruption and waste. Programs should only pass if they have merit and can stand on their own. If an earmark is a good project, it will pass. If it’s for swamp mice in California, it won’t.

Hare wants to return to Washington with a fork to get more pork. I’ll go to Washington with a shovel to start digging families out of debt and focus on jobs and growing this economy. I will always fight for Illinois, the taxpayer and our local communities, but I will also advocate for new reforms to the spending process in Washington so that it works for ordinary people again.

I am running for Congress for Illinois families who don’t have a lobbyist in the Capitol or a loophole in the law. Lets get back to work and take our country back.

Bobby Schilling of Colona is the GOP candidate for Congress in the 17th Congressional District.

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Fundraising Numbers Show Bobby Schilling Has Momentum

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The 3rd quarter fundraising numbers in IL-17 just came out.

The Schilling campaign raised over $375,000, which was over $50,000 more than incumbent Rep. Phil Hare’s total for the quarter. IL-17 was one of only a few dozen throughout the country where the Republican challenger beat the incumbent, and is one of an even smaller handful where the Republican challenger now has a cash-on-hand advantage. This proves Bobby has momentum and a grassroots base to help carry him on election day.

The big differential in this quarter like previous ones was the take Schilling had with individual donors compared to Hare. In the 3rd quarter, 74% of contributions Schilling raised came from individuals, totaling $276,952; only 40% of contributions Hare raised came from individuals, totaling $107,858.

Throughout the campaign over 83% of Schilling’s contributions came from individuals. Less than 33% of Hare’s money came from individuals. Throughout the campaign more than 66% of Hare’s money came from special interests PACs.

The Schilling campaign ended September ahead in the polls with $420,962 to spend compared to Hare’s $327,227.

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Reason #4 to Vote Out Hare

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Reason #4: Phil Hare wants to
raise your taxes.

The Bobby Schilling for Congress campaign unveiled the fourth reason in their “20 Reasons to Vote Out Phil Hare” series. The series focuses on Phil Hare’s record and explain why he does not deserve re-election. The campaign will release one reason per day up until the election.

Reason #4 to Vote Phil Hare Out of Office: Phil Hare wants to raise your taxes. In fact, Hare has supported all kinds of tax increases in his short tenure in office, including:

A number of new taxes in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act featuring:

a $20 billion, 2.3 percent “medical devices” tax that will increase costs for seniors, veterans, and the disabled.
a $2 billion “1099″ tax. This paperwork nightmare requires companies, small businesses, and farmers to file a 1099 tax for any expenditure more than $600.
The individual mandate carries a fine of $695 for those who do not purchase health insurance.
a new 5% tax on cosmetic surgeries, with no exception for trauma or disfiguring diseases.
a new 10% tanning tax.

A new energy tax in the Cap and Trade bill that will raise energy costs across the board and send 2.5 million jobs overseas.

By voting to adjourn and ducking the issue, a $3.8 trillion tax increase on all income brackets could be on the way. Congress failed to address extending the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, instead choosing to leave early and campaign for re-election. Phil Hare cast the deciding vote to adjourn without extending the tax cuts or even passing a budget for 2011.

Phil Hare has received a 0/100 rating from Americans for Tax Reform, a 2/100 rating from the National Taxpayers Union, and a 4/100 rating from Citizens Against Government Waste. He also received an “F” grade from the National Tax-Limitation Committee.

In comparison, Bobby Schilling received a 100/100 rating from Americans for Tax Reform and an “A” grade from the National Tax-Limitation Committee. The “A” grade earned him an “Honorary Tax Fighter Award.”

Communications Director Bobby Frederick said voters have a clear choice on taxes.

“When it comes to raising your taxes, the difference between Bobby Schilling and Phil Hare is night and day,” Frederick said. “Bobby has signed a pledge to oppose any and all tax increases, while Phil Hare has a proven record of taxing every facet of our daily lives.”

Frederick said voters are tired of the failed policies of the last four years.

“The people have had enough of Hare’s reckless tax and spend policies that have doubled the unemployment rate and increased the national debt by $5 trillion,” Frederick said.” We need to keep taxes low, encourage growth in the private sector, and usher in a new era of fiscal responsibility. Bobby Schilling is the right candidate to achieve this goal.”

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Reason #3 to Vote Out Hare

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Reason #3: Hare voted with Nancy
Pelosi 98.8% of the time.

The Bobby Schilling for Congress campaign unveiled the third reason in their “20 Reasons to Vote Out Phil Hare” series. The series will focus on Phil Hare’s record and explain why Phil Hare does not deserve re-election. The campaign will release one reason per day up until the election.

Reason #3 to Vote Phil Hare Out of Office: According to, Phil Hare voted with Nancy Pelosi 98% of the time.

Bobby Schilling, Republican candidate for Congress in the Illinois 17th District, said it’s clear that Phil Hare is not an independent thinker.

“Phil Hare has proven he is a rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi’s agenda,” Schilling said. “When small business owners needed Phil Hare to stand up and vote against the healthcare bill that will cost 1.6 million jobs by 2014, he stood with Pelosi. When Illinois families needed Phil Hare to stand up and vote against the Cap and Trade energy tax that would significantly raise energy costs and send 2.5 million jobs overseas, he stood with Pelosi. When our children needed Phil Hare to stand up and stop the deficit spending that risks our country’s future economic security, he stood with Pelosi. I will stand with the people of this district, not with party leadership. I am concerned about the interests of Illinois, not San Francisco.”

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Reason #2: Under Phil Hare’s
watch, the national debt has
increased by $5 trillion.

The Bobby Schilling for Congress campaign unveiled the second reason in their “20 Reasons to Vote Out Phil Hare” series. The series will focus on Phil Hare’s record and explain why Phil Hare does not deserve re-election. The campaign will release one reason per day up until the election.

Reason #2 to Vote Phil Hare Out of Office:  Since Phil Hare took office in 2007, the national debt has increased by nearly $5 trillion.  As of October 12, the national debt stood at $13.61 trillion.  This means that every child born in America today already owes $44,000 to help pay off the debt.

According to the Joint Economic Committee, since Barack Obama was sworn-in as president, $55,687 has been added to the national debt every single second.  That’s $3,341,220 every minute, $200,473,223 every hour, and $4,811,357,343 every day. Meanwhile, the 2009 Annual Median Household Income was only $49,777.

Communications Director Bobby Frederick said the national debt is an issue that Congressman Hare, President Obama, and the Democrat majorities in Congress refuse to take seriously.

“In just four years, Phil Hare and the rest of the Democrat-controlled Congress have gone on a spending binge that has increased the national debt by $5 trillion,” Frederick said. “Our country is accumulating an additional $55,687 in debt every second, which is more than the annual median household income in the US. Despite all evidence to the contrary, Phil Hare believes that the national debt is a myth that needs to be debunked. What’s worse is that we owe nearly $900 billion to China, the same country that Phil Hare rewarded with US tax dollars to outsource Illinois jobs. This reckless pattern cannot continue.”

Click here to see Reason #1 to Vote Out Hare.

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Reason #1: Under Phil Hare’s
watch, Illinois ranks 48th out
of 50 in job creation.

With just 20 days until Election Day, the Bobby Schilling for Congress campaign announced the unveiling of the top twenty reasons why Phil Hare does not deserve re-election. One reason will be released each day leading up to the election.

Reason #1 to vote Phil Hare Out of office: According to the American Legislative Exchange Council’s (ALEC) 2010 Rich States, Poor States report, Illinois ranks 48th out of 50 states in job creation. On page 97 of the report, ALEC displays disturbing trends such as migration away from the state (637,979 people went elsewhere from 1999-2008) and progressively higher taxation. This same report ranks Illinois among the bottom five states in the country when it comes to future economic outlook.

Communications Director Bobby Frederick said it’s clear the economy is not headed in the “right direction.”

“Phil Hare believes that a 10.1% unemployment rate means we’re ‘headed in the right direction,’” Frederick said. “He should tell that to the thousands of Illinois families that have been hammered by his failed policies. Hare’s voting record on jobs and taxes has been the equivalent of hanging a ‘Closed for Business’ sign around our country and state. After voting for a failed stimulus that sent jobs to China, a national energy tax which would ship another 2.5 million jobs overseas, and a huge tax increase packaged as ‘healthcare reform’ that will cost 1.6 million jobs by 2014, Illinois has become an even less friendly place to do business, and Illinois families are suffering because of it.”

Frederick also highlighted the recent September jobs report.

“After a non-existent ‘Recovery Summer’ and four straight months of job loss, including another 95,000 jobs lost in September, it’s clear that out-of-control tax and spend policies do not create jobs,” Frederick said. “We simply cannot afford another two years of Phil Hare’s failed policies and out of touch voting record. We need a fresh start.”

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The Schilling for Congress campaign released its second ad “Hare Was Here” yesterday. This ad came on the heels of a bold statement Hare made to the Quincy Herald Whig that “we’ve got job growth, we’re heading in the right direction.” Hare is standing by his statement saying he “won’t apologize.” Hare refuses to acknowledge or concede that double digit unemployment means we are heading in the wrong direction, and he continues to argue for increased federal spending.

The Quad City Times reported on the story here. The paper reported that:

“Bobby Schilling employed some stinging symbolism Wednesday… a new television ad that takes the Rock Island congressman to task for job losses in the district, including using the old Seaford Clothing plant in Rock Island, where Hare worked for 13 years, as a backdrop… The Seaford example is particularly cutting. In 2009, the Rock Island congressman fought with Wells Fargo over the bankruptcy of Hartmarx, Seaford’s Chicago-based parent company. Hare accused the bank, a major creditor, of working to liquidate Hartmarx rather than allow its sale to London-based Emerisque Brands and the North America unit of Mumbai-based SKNL. The firms had said they would keep the plants open. But while the sale eventually got done, at the last minute, the Seaford plant was closed anyway, with more than 300 workers losing their jobs.”


Bobby Schilling: “I’m Bobby Schilling and I approve this message.”

Voice: “Phil Hare was here. Now our jobs are gone. Hare voted 98% with Nancy Pelosi, not with us. Phil Hare was here, and here, and here. Now Illinois ranks at the bottom in job creation. Hare says we’re heading in the right direction while running up record debt in Washington voting for more job crushing taxes on us.”

Phil Hare: “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Voice: “Now Phil Hare tries to save his job. He should’ve tried saving ours.”

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Sauk Valley News Endorses Schilling

On October 12, 2010, in General, by edwardpan

The Schilling for Congress campaign was proud to be endorsed by the Sauk Valley News yesterday. You can read their full endorsement here. Below are some of the highlights:

“Hare exhibits a tin ear about constituent concerns regarding the House’s spendthrift ways – the $787 billion stimulus bill, health care law, cap-and-trade bill, and the seemingly unrestrained use of earmarks to pay for lawmakers’ pet pork projects… Schilling brings a fresh approach to politics honed by his experience… As well as opposing the Pelosi-Hare agenda, Schilling has pledged, if elected, not to become a typical inside-the-beltway congressman… The U.S. House is in disarray, as is the U.S. economy. Joblessness hovers near 10 percent. House members adjourned Sept. 30 without passing any portions of the federal budget or extending the Bush tax cuts. That means more uncertainty for business owners and the unemployed, who continue to wait for the private sector to ramp up hiring. A change for the better clearly is needed. Schilling represents that change. He is endorsed.”

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* We would like to point out for the Hill newspaper that IL-17 isn’t Phil Hare’s seat, it’s the people’s seat… But overall, it is decent article besides the title as well as the Hare campaign and the national Democrats’ lies about Bobby at the very end.  You can see the Hill article here and below.

GOP hungrily eyes Hare’s seat

By Molly K. Hooper

Republicans are optimistic about their chances of winning an Illinois House seat long held by Democrats. Illinois’s 17th congressional district, currently held by Rep. Phil Hare (D), is listed as “Democratic toss-up” by independent political handicapper Charlie Cook.

And the national GOP political arm decided to bolster its fresh “Young Gun” candidate, Bobby Schilling, after the Republican challenger won an endorsement from the conservative-leaning Chicago Tribune and an infusion of cash from an outside organization.

The National Republican Congressional Committee’s (NRCC) independent expenditure operation opted to inject $350,000 into the blue-collar district that voted for President Obama in 2008 with 57 percent of the vote, and Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry in 2004 with 51 percent of the vote.

The ad buys will likely focus on runaway spending, seizing on recent comments that Hare made in which the sophomore Democrat called the national debt a “myth,” a source with the NRCC told The Hill.

Democratic campaign sources argue that Hare’s comments have been taken out of context, however.

But in a year that could be a wave for Republicans, the GOP is doing everything to highlight missteps by Democratic opponents.

With fewer than 30 days until Election Day, Republican operatives say Schilling is well-positioned to win the race. A small-businessman and father of 10, Schilling has $425,000 cash on hand.

Conservative 501(c)(4) organization the American Future Fund bolstered Schilling’s campaign recently with a $500,000 ad buy in the district.

Democrats acknowledge that this is one race that will be a “tough one,” according to a source with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

The DCCC also recently put $90,000 into an ad buy attacking Schilling for wanting to send jobs overseas, a charge Schilling has refuted.

But Hare remains determined in the race. His campaign has run advertisements attacking Schilling for having failed to pay taxes on several occasions.

Schilling’s camp has responded in kind, demanding that Hare remove the ads, which it says are misleading and inaccurate.

Still, it remains a fight to the finish, though Democrats says Hare will pull through in the end.

“Try as they might, Republicans are not going to be able to seal the deal for Bobby Schilling. While Illinois voters know Phil Hare is a fighter for the middle class, they’re learning more every day about Bobby Schilling’s shocking plans to raise Social Security and Medicare taxes while also helping corporations to ship American jobs overseas. We are confident Phil Hare is going to win in November,” Gabby Adler, DCCC Midwestern region spokesman, said in a statement to The Hill.

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Independent Reports Say Hare In Trouble

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Independent Political Reports Say “Democrats Laughed Off This Race (Early)…Hare Cuts the Figure of a Political Insider… Schilling Can Knock Off Hare… Hare In a Lot of Trouble…”

Cook Political Report says of IL-17:

“Toss Up. Even some Democrats who laughed off this race several months ago now concede that it is now much tighter than it should be. This working-class district in western Illinois was heavily contested in the 1990s but hasn’t seen a real race in years. Ironically, the fact that this race wasn’t on the DCCC or NRCC’s radar screens for much of the cycle probably helped GOP restaurateur Bobby Schilling. Hare, who previously served as former Congressman Lane Evans’s chief of staff and is closely aligned with labor unions, cuts the figure of a political insider and has been slow to get his campaign operation in motion. Meanwhile, Schilling has been massaging the GOP grassroots in this heavily gerrymandered district since early 2009 and has made headway as the top of the Democratic ticket in Illinois has dropped like a rock downstate… This is a very close race.”

Rothenberg Political Reports Says of IL-17:

“Republicans are increasingly optimistic that restaurant owner Bobby Schilling can knock off Cong. Phil Hare (D) in a district that Democrats have held for years. The Republican’s campaign just released a late September poll that showed the congressman ahead by a narrow 38%-37% margin. If that’s true (and Democrats clearly are concerned about the contest), Hare is in a lot of trouble.”

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