BLS: 95,000 Lost Jobs; High Unemployment

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Today the US Bureau of Labor Statistics released its September report on unemployment, the last report before the mid-term elections. Bobby Schilling released the following statement regarding the report:

“14.8 million people in this country are unemployed, and the unemployment rates among youth (26%), African-Americans (16.1%), and Hispanics (12.4%) are disturbingly high. These numbers remind us why we need a clean break from the failed liberal policies of Washington. Over the past two years, Rep. Hare has consistently voted for more spending and higher taxes while refusing to promote policies that would create jobs. As a successful small business owner, I understand that our biggest priority right now is getting people back to work. While Phil Hare spends every minute he has ‘debunking the myth’ that our country faces a $13.6 trillion national debt, I’ll be fighting for jobs by advocating low taxes, less spending, and limited government.”

Bobby is focused on jobs and the economy. That’s what this race is about. Below is the second web-ad of the campaign, focused on that same theme: Bob’s for Jobs!

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St. Patrick’s Day Parade

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On Saturday, the Schilling camp kicked off the 2010 parade season by walking in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Downtown Rock Island, IL! Over 75 supporters came out on a chilly day to support Bobby and the fine slate of local candidates! We even debuted our newly decorated GREEN Bobby Schilling shirts with “Bob’s for Jobs” on the back of the shirts.

If you are interested in participating in future parades with us, please sign up to volunteer at our volunteer page at, and indicate that you would like to walk in parades with Bobby!

Check out the pictures below courtesy of Paula DeWild:

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He said what?

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In a press release sent out last night, Congressman Hare issued a quite misleading, but funny statement:

“I congratulate Bobby Schilling for winning the Republican nomination for Congress in the 17th District. This November, voters will have a stark choice about what direction they want to see our country head. Faced with a historic economic crisis, I made the necessary votes to prevent us from falling into a depression. I am now fighting everyday to create jobs so the people of my district can begin to share in the recovery. Mr. Schilling has a very different view of how to get our economy back on track. He supports lowering corporate taxes at a time of record profits and lavish bonuses. He opposes additional regulation of Wall Street¹s risky behavior and excess saying “the problem will fix itself.” He opposes bringing federal money back to the 17th District, calling such critical investments in infrastructure, energy, and education “wasteful spending.” And he opposes the federal purchase of Thomson prison, choosing fear mongering over 3,000 jobs for our area. I look forward to having a frank and open discussion with voters about my record and these important issues between now and November.”

Let’s take a look at what he just said and why it is misleading but funny.

1. He said that Schilling opposes regulations that would keep Wallstreet from making wreckless decisions. This could not be further from the truth. First and foremost the policy that causes Wallstreet to make “wreckless decisions” is called the “Too Big to Fail” policy. This policy–accepted and promoted by Congressman Hare–gave Wallstreet a ‘free-pass’ to make wreckless decisions. You can put all of the regulations in the world on Wallstreet, but as long as they are guaranteed a bailout if they fail, they will always maximize risk to get a bigger profit. Why? Because they don’t have to worry about losing everything.

The fact of the matter is that politicians who supported the bailout–like Rep. Hare did–do everything to encourage Wallstreet to take more risks and hurt our economy.

2. He said that Schilling opposes opening the Thomson Prison, and has resorted to fearmongering. This is wrong on two fronts: a. Schilling supports opening Thomson, but as a state prison to help with the over-crowding of other Illinois prisons and b. Phil Hare uses the fearmongering tactic everyday. How many times have we heard him repeat the lie that 14,000 people lose their health insurance everyday or that 400 people die everyday from lack of health insurance? Schilling is not fearmongering and brings up valid points—the biggest point is that this prison is 25 miles from a nuclear plant and could attract dangerous people to the area.

If Hare wants to get to the nitty gritty on this, then he should pressure the federal government to release the statistics on Guantanamo and how many attempts at break-outs they have received and other information.

Also if this deal is good for our state, then why have Kansas and Michigan both turned this deal down? Isn’t the economy in Michigan much worse than it is here? The politicians obviously, aren’t telling us all the details.

3. While Congressman Hare says that he is fighting everyday to bring jobs back to the district, he has been quite unsuccessful. Since Rep. Hare has been on the 17th District’s payroll, there have been thousands and thousands of jobs lost all throughout the district. In fact the net job losses in the district are so terrible, that Bobby Schilling has created more jobs with his pizza place than Congressman Hare has in his twenty years on the district’s payroll.

You can’t get jobs unless you have a leader who understands business. Anyone who has been involved in a business understands that higher taxes will do nothing to help the huge unemployment problem.

It’s confusing to think about it, but Hare says he is working everyday to get jobs back to the district, but thinks that employers need to be taxed more because they get paid too much. Employers, if taxed more, will cut back on costs–i.e. employees and production costs(many of which will hurt American jobs because the foreign countries do almost everything cheaper)–any costs that they can’t cut from those two sections will be made up in a price increase to the consumer.

We need someone who is effective at bringing jobs back to the area, not someone who just “works everyday” to get jobs here. We have seen the effects of his failed tax and spend policies throughout the years and they have done nothing to bring permanent and stable jobs to the 17th.

4. Hare criticizes Schilling for opposing pork. The first mistake that he makes here is that he says that Schilling opposes crucial infrastructure projects, energy and education because and he considers it “wasteful spending.”

This is simply not true and is a complete fabrication. Schilling is on the record in newspapers across the district saying,

“I understand that we need to spend money, but I also understand the difference between necessary and unnecessary spending. I don’t really consider spending $30 million for the swamp mice in California to be necessary spending.”

Schilling is not on the record opposing important infrastructure projects, energy or education and most definitely not opposed to all government spending–this is quite an absurd idea–only wasteful pork projects like the frisbee golf course in Texas, neon lights in Las Vegas and the swamp mice in California.

It is important to note that we currently have a national debt of over $12 trillion, and the Democrats in Congress, including Phil Hare, voted to spend tons of money on wasteful projects like the ones listed above that didn’t need to be spent.

Congressman Hare should stay away from the sneaky and underhanded “Margins at Midnight” and submit budget proposals the correct way.

Ahhh but this is politics. With Schilling being a pizza-guy he is used to the heat in the kitchen…

Check out this invitation that Bobby sent out to his supporters. Please take the opportunity to stop on out this Wednesday at 4PM at the Rock Island GOP HQ in Downtown Moline.


You’re invited to¬†the

Bob’s for Jobs Tour Finale

Day 5 of Tour is Almost Finished…

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We started out the day at 5:30am! We drove all the way down to Pana to meet with Roland Carlson, who is a hospital administrator for the Pana Community Hospital. PCH has just added a multi-million dollar Fitness Center extension. The extension is expected to employ an extra 10 people for the hospital. The Schilling campaign took a 10 minute break to play some basketball with Roland at the fitness center. It turns out Roland is pretty darn good…

In Staunton we met up for an interview with the South County News editor Dave Ambrose. Dave ate lunch with us at the Bamboo House, an awesome restaurant. Dave followed Bobby while speaking with voters at a local restaurant. Bobby dropped in on a few local businesses in Staunton, and the reception was quite good.

We are now in Quincy for a Tea Party meeting. It should be fun…as it always is in Quincy.

Tomorrow we have an interview with the Quincy Whig and Doug Wilson, an interview with WTAD Radio Station and have several meetings set up with employers in Adams county. Then it is off to Aledo and then the Quad Cities to hold our Bob’s for Jobs Finale Press Conference, where Bobby will officially sign his “Contract with the 17th District”

Stay tuned for updates and pictures tomorrow.

I know, I know, I know. I said I would do this today. This time I did not forget the camera, but I forgot the cable! Ugh! I hate technology.

See you tomorrow.

Endorsement Update!

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Tonight at the Quincy Tea Party meeting Bobby Schilling signed the QTP’s conditional endorsement. Bobby agreed that when elected he would uphold the conservative values of the people of his district. This will be seen as a huge difference between him and his opponent.

FYI Bobby’s opponent actually has a more liberal rating from the ACU, than Nancy Pelosi! Believe it or not but Nancy Pelosi-the representative from the most liberal district in the nation, San Francisco-is more moderate than our own current congressman.

Suffice it to say, Bobby is extremely excited to receive this endorsement.

“The Quincy Tea Party group is full of patriots and people that care deeply for this Nation. They represent the core values of this Nation and I am thrilled with their conditional endorsement.”

Bob’s for Jobs day 4

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Today went very well on the Bob’s for Jobs tour. We started off the day in Decatur and finished it off in Litchfield.

Bobby first met with Dan Caulkins in Decatur and the two went down town to meet with local business owners. There were so many neat little shops. Bobby met with employers of all types including a mens clothing store owner, a popcorn store owner, an accounting business and a store owner who makes clothes specialized for the Decatur schools.

Then we traveled to Springfield—one of our favorite stops because of all the cool things to see—then on to Chatham—-and then Bobby met with voters at Nick’s Pizza in Carlinville. There he ate pizza and spoke with voters about the important issues of the day.

From there the campaign headed off to Litchfield to meet with Jeff who owns a gun shop. On the way out to meet with Jeff, the campaign/I took a wrong left turn and went down a road that had been closed for a while. It was pretty funny, but took us a little bit off schedule. Jeff was highly supportive of Bobby because Bobby “came off as a genuine guy.” Jeff also said that he likes Bobby’s idea of a “Contract with the 17th District.” He said that it is good to get someone who wants to serve his fellow citizens but doesn’t have “that self-entitlement” philosophy that leads to Congress serving themselves and not the people.

Stay tuned tomorrow as we meet with employers in Pana, Ramsey, Staunton, Jerseyville and Pittsfield.

By the way…sorry for not posting the pictures up every day. I always forget the campaign camera in the “Bob’s for Jobs-Mobile”

I will get them up soon. Promise!

Changes in Bob’s for Jobs Tour

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Due to events of last week and how the tour ran, the Bobby Schilling for Congress campaign has made a few changes to the planned stops for the second week of the “Bob’s for Jobs Tour.”

The first change in schedule are in regard to the stops tomorrow, Monday Jan. 4th. Due to time constraints, the campaign will not be able to make the stops in Gillespie or Mt. Olive. The stops last week went very well, unfortunately the stops have been going so well that they end up taking up much more time than had previously been planned. The Schilling campaign wants to make sure that the stops made in each city are quality stops and not just a touch and go. With the current schedule, we would not be able to stay in Gillespie and Mt. Olive for a good quality of time. The campaign will reschedule the stops in Gillespie and Mt. Olive for a later date.

The only other change is that on Wednesday, January 6th, the campaign’s final stop of the tour will be at the Rock Island County Republican Party Headquarters at 4pm for a press conference. Bobby will speak to the press and to the public about the tour. Schilling will also make a special announcement regarding his campaign at this event. The Bob’s for Jobs tour finale will be open to the public and all are invited to attend.

I apologize for any inconveniences. Please do not hesitate to call or email for any questions or concerns.

Below is the Address for the Rock Island County Republican Headquarters:

1721 5th Avenue
Moline, IL 61265

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Schilling to Sign Taxpayer Protection Pledge

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Today Bobby signed the tax payer protection pledge from Americans for Tax Reform. ATR is an organization that is dedicated to fighting tax increases that hurt our economy and employment levels.

Bobby pledged to do the following:

1. Oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal income tax rates for individuals and/or businesses; and

2. Oppose any net reduction or elimination of deductions and credits, unless matched dollar for dollar by further reducing tax rates.

I would be remiss if I didn’t bring up the Americans for Tax Reform’s ratings. I found it interesting that Phil Hare scored a 0 out of 100 on the Taxpayer Friendliness rating. Even Nancy Pelosi scores a 5 out of 100. Nancy Pelosi is more business friendly than our currently congressman. Is that scary or ironic?

Bobby Schilling has added another promise to his “Contract with the 17th District.”

Promise #6:

I will not vote in support of any bill that I have not read.

Bobby said that this was an important promise to make to the district because it is dangerous to vote on bills that haven’t been read. He said, “It is really shocking that congressmen actually vote on bills without having read them. To not read a bill, but yet vote in favor of it, is completely irresponsible and lazy. Many will say that it is unrealistic to expect a busy congressman to read a 2,000 page bill. If that’s the case, then maybe we shouldn’t have any more 2,000 page bills!”

Bobby is dedicated to serving his future district and plans on going to Washington with a “Servant’s Heart,” not a lobbyist’s wallet.