Reason #19: Phil Hare’s frightening follies

The Bobby Schilling for Congress campaign unveiled the 19th reason in their “20 Reasons to Vote Out Phil Hare” series. The series focuses on Phil Hare’s record and explains why he does not deserve re-election. The campaign will release one reason per day up until the election.

Reason #19 to Vote Phil Hare Out of Office: Phil Hare’s frightening follies.

This Halloween we take a look back at Congressman Hare’s most frightening follies. We hope voters consider these five delusional and out-of-touch statements as they head to the polls on Tuesday.

1. Hare: “We’ve got job growth, we’re headed in the right direction.”

In reality, we’ve lost almost 400,000 jobs in the past four months. We cannot continue to head in this negative direction.

2. Hare: “Every minute I have here is going to be spent on trying to debunk the myth that this country’s in debt and we just can’t spend.”

In reality, we’ve seen another $5 trillion added to our national debt on Phil Hare’s watch. Our national debt now stands at a frightening $13.7 trillion. Each American’s share of the debt stands at $43,000 and counting. We cannot continue on this path of fiscal irresponsibility.
3. Hare: “I think we’ve already done some deficit reduction.”

In reality, our country has run deficits of epic proportions under Phil Hare’s watch.

Federal Deficit By The Numbers

2007 – The deficit was $161 billion or 1.2% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
2008 – The deficit was $407 billion or 3.2% of the GDP.
2009 – The deficit was $1.416 trillion or 10% of the GDP.
2010 – The deficit was $1.294 trillion or 8.9% of GDP.

We cannot risk another two years of Phil Hare and his out-of-touch views on deficit reduction. 

4. Hare: “Tomorrow I’m going to be receiving the endorsement of the corn growers.” 

During the WQPT debate, Phil Hare falsely claimed to have received the endorsement of the Illinois Corn Growers Association (ICGA).

In reality, the ICGA never endorsed Hare. Phil Hare’s re-election plan is to mislead voters rather than run on his own voting record.

5. Hare: “I think quite frankly, I don’t think they know, and I don’t think we know yet.”

This was Phil Hare’s response when asked whether businesses would stop insuring their employees under the new healthcare bill. Even though Nancy Pelosi’s legislative philosophy is, “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it,” Phil Hare can’t tell us what is in store under the healthcare takeover that he claims to have read three times.

In reality, we have already seen companies such as McDonald’s, Deloitte, AT&T, Caterpillar, and John Deere weigh the costs of paying a fine rather than keeping healthcare coverage for their employees.

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Schilling Op-Ed in Dispatch-Argus

On October 27, 2010, in General, by edwardpan

This election is about pursuing a new direction to get our economy back on track.

From day one, our campaign has been about lower taxes, less spending and more limited government. These principles provide the best path to prosperity for our communities, our nation, and our families. That is how we create jobs and provide the needed certainty for small businesses to expand this economy.

Over the past four years under Phil Hare’s watch we’ve seen unemployment double and the national debt skyrocket another $5 trillion. Illinois now ranks 48th out of the 50 states in job creation. We can’t continue taking our country backwards with the same policies that have failed us. Our children and grandchildren deserve a better, brighter future than the one we have today. That is our responsibility — to leave Illinois a better place than we found it.

Last week I challenged Congressman Phil Hare when he said to the Quincy Herald Whig, “in recent months the losses have been halted and jobs are being created. We’ve got job growth, we’re heading in the right direction.” Our country lost 95,000 jobs last month and Illinois has 10.1 percent unemployment. That’s not the right direction for our country. Empowering people, rather than the federal government, is the way forward.

Americans want to keep as much of their hard-earned money in their own pockets as they can, instead of sending more of their paycheck to Washington. As a successful, business-minded individual who understands the harsh realities of this struggling economy, I offer an alternative to our incumbent congressman.

I am the only candidate who has signed a pledge not to raise your taxes. I have proposed reasonable spending cuts and I offer a fresh voice of common sense to deal with Congress’ deficit spending. We live in the Land of Lincoln where Illinois’ greatest president once said, “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” Let’s heed Lincoln’s words again.

I want to go to Congress to represent people who don’t have a lobbyist in the Capitol or a loophole in the law.  If I am given the great honor of representing this area I will take responsibility and serve all of the people, not just one political party. We can do that by putting checks and balances back on our federal government and by returning government authority back to our state and local communities.

Rep. Hare’s voting record and his blind allegiance to Nancy Pelosi’s liberal agenda need to be cast aside. Rep. Hare voted in favor of the government take-over of health care and its $500 billion in cuts to Medicare, the National Energy Tax that will cost us 2.5 million jobs, the failed stimulus that sent our clean energy jobs to China, and the Wall Street Bailout that allowed corporate executives to receive mega-bonuses on the taxpayers’ dime.

I opposed these costly policies because they sent our jobs overseas, made America weaker, and increased our nation’s job-crushing debt. Rep. Hare can’t run from the status quo because he is the status quo.

I believe we need a balanced budget amendment. As your representative, I would work my fingers to the bone to protect these sacred priorities.

With every challenge brings new opportunity. I believe we must make difficult decisions and take these challenges head on with a new approach. We can put our economy back on track and put our families back to work building a brighter, more prosperous future. I’m Bobby Schilling and I would appreciate your vote on Nov. 2nd because the status quo today isn’t good enough for the Illinois of tomorrow.

Bobby Schilling of Colona is the GOP candidate for Congress in the 17th Congressional District.

Reason #3 to Vote Out Hare

On October 15, 2010, in 20 Reasons To Vote Against Hare, by edwardpan

Reason #3: Hare voted with Nancy
Pelosi 98.8% of the time.

The Bobby Schilling for Congress campaign unveiled the third reason in their “20 Reasons to Vote Out Phil Hare” series. The series will focus on Phil Hare’s record and explain why Phil Hare does not deserve re-election. The campaign will release one reason per day up until the election.

Reason #3 to Vote Phil Hare Out of Office: According to, Phil Hare voted with Nancy Pelosi 98% of the time.

Bobby Schilling, Republican candidate for Congress in the Illinois 17th District, said it’s clear that Phil Hare is not an independent thinker.

“Phil Hare has proven he is a rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi’s agenda,” Schilling said. “When small business owners needed Phil Hare to stand up and vote against the healthcare bill that will cost 1.6 million jobs by 2014, he stood with Pelosi. When Illinois families needed Phil Hare to stand up and vote against the Cap and Trade energy tax that would significantly raise energy costs and send 2.5 million jobs overseas, he stood with Pelosi. When our children needed Phil Hare to stand up and stop the deficit spending that risks our country’s future economic security, he stood with Pelosi. I will stand with the people of this district, not with party leadership. I am concerned about the interests of Illinois, not San Francisco.”

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This weekend Phil Hare made several bogus claims regarding the new health care legislation that are simply not true.

Most notably, Hare said the new legislation would strengthen Medicare, reduce the deficit, and lower premiums across the board. All three of these claims are patently false and voters should take everything Phil Hare says with a grain of salt until he corrects the record. Below is a brief fact-check on some of Hare’s claims that stretch the truth and defy reality.

Strengthening Medicare?

Phil Hare says the $500 billion cut to Medicare in the new health care law “eliminates $500 billion in waste, fraud, and abuse, extending the solvency of Medicare by at least nine years.” That’s not true. The truth is these cuts were put into place by Democrats to help offset the massive costs of the government take-over of health care in attempt to sell the legislation to the public. That $500 billion in Medicare cuts will negatively affect seniors and Americans with disabilities. Here are the facts:

Almost three quarters of Medicare Advantage (MA) cuts hit those with incomes of less than $32,400 a year.
Average MA beneficiary will lose 15% of benefits.
The cuts will potentially harm future solvency of Medicaid and Medicare Part D.
The average MA enrollee will receive $3,714 less per year in the value of his or her coverage by 2017, a 27 percent reduction.
According to the Office of the Actuary at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the MA cuts in the legislation reduce enrollment in those plans from 14.8 million to just 7.4 million by 2017. And the benefits still covered by MA plans will be much less generous than they are now.

Deficits Will Go Down?

Phil Hare says that a vote to repeal the health care legislation is a vote to increase deficits and that the new legislation is “reducing the deficit.” That’s not true. Earlier this year a Wall Street Journal editorial stated that “Never before has a vast new entitlement been sold on the basis of fiscal responsibility, and one reason ObamaCare is so unpopular is that Americans understand the contradiction between untold new government subsidies and claims of spending restraint.” Here are the facts:

Delaying the starting date of the health care implementation hides the true cost of the new health care law. The plan calls for 10 years of offsets for only 6 years of benefits. Americans are paying the costs up front before they get the bulk of the proposed benefits. No one pays the full cost of a new car over four years before they even get the chance to drive it.
The legislation didn’t include the $371 billion “doc fix” for Medicare reimbursement adjustments (which Democrats said would be part of separate legislation) over 10 years. When this reimbursement adjustment is included, the true cost would completely wipe out any assumed savings in the health care legislation alone.
Governments do an awful job of predicting how much money they will spend. Medicare cost projections were 10 times lower than expected when it was proposed.
The CATO Institute projects that the legislation will cost far more than advertised, more than $2.7 trillion over 10 years of full implementation, and will add $352 billion to the national debt over that period. The new law will increase taxes by more than $669 billion between now and 2019, and the burdens it places on business will significantly reduce economic growth and employment.

Premiums Are Lower Across the Board?

Phil Hare says that the new legislation is “driving premiums down for families across the board.” That’s not true. The truth is premiums are rising because of the minimum benefits mandates that federal bureaucrats are placing on insurers. Here are the facts:

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services now estimates that the new law increases health care spending by 6.3 percent each year.
Premiums and prices are increasing, in some cases by up to 20 percent.
The Congressional Budget Office estimates that in the individual market premiums will increase 27 to 30 percent.

Other Developing Concerns?

Phil Hare says the new law will improve access, but new regulations that require companies like McDonalds to spend a certain percentage of their premiums on benefits may be causing some employers to drop coverage all together.
Phil Hare says you can pick which doctor you want to see, but the Association of American Medical Colleges estimates that the U.S. healthcare reform law will worsen a shortage of physicians. Reuters reported that the group’s Center for Workforce Studies released new estimates that showed shortages would be 50 percent worse in 2015 than forecast.
Hare now says the legislation is Constitutional even though he said last spring “the Constitution didn’t matter.” While the new law undoubtedly raises complex legal questions, there remain legitimate concerns regarding the use of federal fines through the Commerce Clause as a means to indirectly regulate activities. If Phil Hare believes the federal government can force you to buy health care what else does he believe the federal government can mandate of a private individual through the Commerce Clause?

The fact of the matter is Hare voted to cut Medicare by $500 billion, the legislation will raise the deficit, and premiums are currently rising. Voters know better than to believe Phil Hare’s misleading characterization of the new law. Misrepresenting the facts of the new legislation to the voters is wrong, but I would like to give Phil Hare the chance to correct the false assumptions and misleading statements he made in defense of his vote for the government take-over of health care.