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This election is about pursuing a new direction to get our economy back on track.

From day one, our campaign has been about lower taxes, less spending and more limited government. These principles provide the best path to prosperity for our communities, our nation, and our families. That is how we create jobs and provide the needed certainty for small businesses to expand this economy.

Over the past four years under Phil Hare’s watch we’ve seen unemployment double and the national debt skyrocket another $5 trillion. Illinois now ranks 48th out of the 50 states in job creation. We can’t continue taking our country backwards with the same policies that have failed us. Our children and grandchildren deserve a better, brighter future than the one we have today. That is our responsibility — to leave Illinois a better place than we found it.

Last week I challenged Congressman Phil Hare when he said to the Quincy Herald Whig, “in recent months the losses have been halted and jobs are being created. We’ve got job growth, we’re heading in the right direction.” Our country lost 95,000 jobs last month and Illinois has 10.1 percent unemployment. That’s not the right direction for our country. Empowering people, rather than the federal government, is the way forward.

Americans want to keep as much of their hard-earned money in their own pockets as they can, instead of sending more of their paycheck to Washington. As a successful, business-minded individual who understands the harsh realities of this struggling economy, I offer an alternative to our incumbent congressman.

I am the only candidate who has signed a pledge not to raise your taxes. I have proposed reasonable spending cuts and I offer a fresh voice of common sense to deal with Congress’ deficit spending. We live in the Land of Lincoln where Illinois’ greatest president once said, “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” Let’s heed Lincoln’s words again.

I want to go to Congress to represent people who don’t have a lobbyist in the Capitol or a loophole in the law.  If I am given the great honor of representing this area I will take responsibility and serve all of the people, not just one political party. We can do that by putting checks and balances back on our federal government and by returning government authority back to our state and local communities.

Rep. Hare’s voting record and his blind allegiance to Nancy Pelosi’s liberal agenda need to be cast aside. Rep. Hare voted in favor of the government take-over of health care and its $500 billion in cuts to Medicare, the National Energy Tax that will cost us 2.5 million jobs, the failed stimulus that sent our clean energy jobs to China, and the Wall Street Bailout that allowed corporate executives to receive mega-bonuses on the taxpayers’ dime.

I opposed these costly policies because they sent our jobs overseas, made America weaker, and increased our nation’s job-crushing debt. Rep. Hare can’t run from the status quo because he is the status quo.

I believe we need a balanced budget amendment. As your representative, I would work my fingers to the bone to protect these sacred priorities.

With every challenge brings new opportunity. I believe we must make difficult decisions and take these challenges head on with a new approach. We can put our economy back on track and put our families back to work building a brighter, more prosperous future. I’m Bobby Schilling and I would appreciate your vote on Nov. 2nd because the status quo today isn’t good enough for the Illinois of tomorrow.

Bobby Schilling of Colona is the GOP candidate for Congress in the 17th Congressional District.

Sauk Valley News Endorses Schilling

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The Schilling for Congress campaign was proud to be endorsed by the Sauk Valley News yesterday. You can read their full endorsement here. Below are some of the highlights:

“Hare exhibits a tin ear about constituent concerns regarding the House’s spendthrift ways – the $787 billion stimulus bill, health care law, cap-and-trade bill, and the seemingly unrestrained use of earmarks to pay for lawmakers’ pet pork projects… Schilling brings a fresh approach to politics honed by his experience… As well as opposing the Pelosi-Hare agenda, Schilling has pledged, if elected, not to become a typical inside-the-beltway congressman… The U.S. House is in disarray, as is the U.S. economy. Joblessness hovers near 10 percent. House members adjourned Sept. 30 without passing any portions of the federal budget or extending the Bush tax cuts. That means more uncertainty for business owners and the unemployed, who continue to wait for the private sector to ramp up hiring. A change for the better clearly is needed. Schilling represents that change. He is endorsed.”

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Politico Labels Hare a Liberal; MSNBC Reports Hare is Far-Left

A pattern seems to be developing with Phil Hare’s fading candidacy for re-election. Hare is moving further to the left of the Democratic Party and the president in an effort to shore up his base. Just yesterday the Politico reported on Phil Hare calling him the L-word because he is threatening to hold the tax-cuts for all Americans hostage unless the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party gets its way.

Then today MSNBC reported on Hare mentioning him as a “Progressive” among a small group of frustrated legislators that are to the left of even President Obama because a majority of the Democratic caucus and the president weren’t willing to push for an even more costly “public option” to the health care bill.

When the public is concerned about the economy, jobs, a massive federal debt, and out-of-control spending in Washington, it’s no wonder this race has gotten closer over the last several months. And now Hare has started digging for dirt and going on attack over the TV airwaves to compensate for his liberal voting record.

Things appear to have gotten so bad for Hare that the Washington Post just reported startling news that “The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has reserved time in the Davenport, Iowa, and the Champaign-Springfield-Decatur, Ill., media markets — likely both for Rep. Phil Hare (D-Ill.). Hare is perhaps the biggest surprise among members the DCCC has spent money on thus far, but recent GOP polling has shown him in the 30s.”

New Pew Poll on Independent Voters

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Yesterday a new Pew poll testing independent voters was released that confirms a lot of what we are seeing in the race for the 17th congressional district. Analysis from Pew stated:

“The GOP’s advantage comes as a result of their 49% to 36% lead among independent and other non-partisan voters who are likely to vote in November… they are motivated by highly negative feelings about the government’s performance and harsh judgments about the political status quo. Just 35% express approval of their own congressional representative, and they are as likely as Republicans to say that their own incumbent does not deserve reelection.”

The poll shows that independents this year oppose the party in power, are unsatisfied with the current state of the economy, disapprove of the government takeover of health care, prefer smaller government, and overwhelmingly believe Republicans can better improve the job situation and reduce the budget deficit.

The last poll of the IL-17 race showed Bobby winning independent voters by a 2:1 ratio. Bobby is someone new with ideas at a time when the economy is facing double digit unemployment under Phil Hare’s watch. Bobby’s campaign has been focused on issues like how to get the economy working again with policies that will result in economic growth and better conditions for job creation, issues that will appeal to those independent voters who have been hit hard by the recession.

The two graphs below from the Pew poll show the change in preferences and opinions over the last four years.

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“Everyday that I am here is going to be spent on trying to debunk the myth that this country’s in debt and that we just can’t spend. Well you can spend.”

– Rep. Phil Hare, Congressional News Conference, July 27, 2010

Our nation’s deficit is unsustainable. The deficit in the past two years alone totals nearly $3 trillion, or over one out of every ten dollars earned in this country. We are on pace to run another trillion dollar deficit next year as well, and possibly the year after that.  The Congressional Budget office estimates that we will add over $7 trillion to our debt in the next decade, which would push the total debt to over 100% of GDP.

Reaching such a sum would be nothing short of disastrous for our economy.  One easily predictable outcome of such a situation would be that our government debt would become less desirable across the world; indeed, the bond rating agencies have already announced that should our debt exceed 95% of our GDP they would downgrade the status of our bonds.  In such an event we would have to pay significantly more to borrow money—both the government and anyone else in this country. Once that occurs the hopes of getting our house in fiscal order become smaller and smaller, and an extended period of economic stagnation would be the likely consequence.

How did we reach such a point? It’s simple: spending has gone through the roof. On average, tax revenue has been roughly 18% of GDP and spending about 19.5% over the past thirty years resulting in an average deficit of about 1.5%. In the last two years tax revenues have fallen some, as incomes fall and people lose their jobs, but spending has skyrocketed to nearly 25% of GDP.

With the massive new commitments of government spending by the President and Congress, CBO forecasts that spending will remain near 25% for the rest of the decade. While some may pretend that the health care bill will “pay for itself,” CBO projects that it will actually add over $300 billion per annum to the deficit by the end of the decade.

The apparent answer from the Democrats for bridging this gap is to increase tax rates. They’ve committed to increase the top rates on employees and small businesses while also increasing taxes on savings and investment as well as on large companies that do business abroad, such as John Deere and Caterpillar. 

I believe raising taxes at this juncture makes no sense. Economic history teaches us that the key to creating tax revenue is strong, sustained economic growth.  From 2004-2007 tax revenue increased nearly 50% without a single tax increase and a similar surge occurred in the late 1990s as well.  What was the catalyst? A strong and growing economy.  

But economic growth alone is not going to  get a balanced budget: spending must be reduced, and the place to begin is by  tackling the corrupt earmark system currently in place. Members of both parties have exploited this system, where bills never read by a single member contain hundreds of lines that direct money to the pet projects of various Congressmen or their cronies back home. We need a system of complete transparency to allow everyone to fully see what Congress is approving before they vote. A number of states have done just this, and our federal government should do the same.  

We also need to reform entitlement spending, which now comprises over half the Federal budget.  It is estimated that waste and fraud costs Medicare $70 billion a year, thanks to a laughably outdated fraud detection system. A recent proposal by Rep. Roskam to modernize it so that it functions like the Ficos system that protects our credit cards could eliminate as much as 90% of that, according to some Medicare economists. Rep. Hare voted for a half trillion dollars in Medicare cuts to occur after 2015: I would rather tackle fraud and risk angering a few Medicare vendors before voting for a massive cut in benefits.

Trillion dollar deficits cannot continue without putting our economic well-being at risk. Plugging the gap with massive tax increases is an option that cures the disease while killing the patient. It is time Congress faced up to its responsibility and took a few difficult votes to get our fiscal house in order.

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A Clean Break

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Bobby says, “Too many career politicians have taken over and made things about them rather than serving this great nation… I want to be a fresh face and clean break from the failed policies of Washington… If you think it’s time to send someone new to represent you then I would appreciate your vote.”

In the last four years, unemployment has doubled and the national debt has increased by over $5 trillion. It’s time to move in a new direction. Please share this video with your friends and neighbors if you want “A Clean Break” from the past.

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Schilling Agrees with JFK on Tax Policy

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JFK Said a Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Taxes are a big issue right now and Bobby Schilling has taken some flack for signing a pledge not to raise your taxes. Small businesses and families don’t want a tax increase, especially right now.

Unfortunately, the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts are on the chopping block and certain Members of Congress are rolling out various excuses why not to extend them. Someone e-mailed us yesterday and asked ‘didn’t JFK support tax cuts to grow the economy and lift all boats?’ The answer is yes, and below is a great video that quotes former President Kennedy on taxes.

Did you know that many economists believe that lowering taxes or keeping taxes low can grow the size of a country’s tax base and help improve employment?

Prime example: The United States Revenue Act of 1964 reduced individual and corporate income tax rates. Comparing federal revenues in 1963 — the last year before the tax cuts — to 1969, adjusting for inflation, IRS revenues increased 48 percent and 13.9 million jobs were added. That’s why Bobby Schilling agrees with JFK on tax policy.

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In case you missed it, the CNN Political Ticker covered the race for IL-17. Here are some of the highlights:

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The Associated Press published a story yesterday titled, “Economic Worries Strain Loyalty for Some Democrats.” It’s worth a read, but here are some of the key highlights (which happen to also closely reflect what we are seeing everyday on the campaign trail):

“Some independents and conservative Democrats — particularly white men who supported Obama before — say they no longer believe Obama and the Democratic Congress can help them. Polls and interviews suggest they’re ready to swing to the Republican side — the leading edge of a storm bearing down on Democratic incumbents…

Even the signature accomplishment of Obama’s first 18 months in office, a national health care overhaul, doesn’t earn the president much credit with voters…

Republican Bobby Schilling is focusing on economic worries with a series of “Bob’s for Jobs” campaign events…

Schilling, the Republican congressional candidate, said his campaign is getting support from Democrats who feel Washington is ignoring their needs.”

Amazingly, incumbent Rep. Phil Hare was also quoted in the AP piece, arguing that stimulus money was creating jobs. The statement really shows how out of touch Hare is with the district.

Facts are stubborn things: its hard to tell someone that just lost their job that the stimulus is working. Democrats promised the country that the stimulus would keep unemployment below 8%, but the unemployment rate in Illinois is still above 10%. The argument that the stimulus creates jobs becomes even more difficult to swallow in a places like Decatur, IL where unemployment has gone from 7% in 2008 to more than 12.4% today.

Independents and conservative Democrats are coming to the conclusion that more government spending, more debt, and additional taxes might not be the best way to get this economy moving forward again. These sentiments were also reflected in yesterday’s We Ask America survey which showed Schilling winning Independent support against Hare by an impressive 2:1 margin. The message is clear: the people 17th district want a new direction and a renewed focus on improving the economy and creating jobs.

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New Poll: Schilling Beating Hare 41-38%

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Rep. Phil Hare Gets a Cold Shoulder from Independent Voters

Hare Still Can’t Break 39% in Public Polling

Today an independent poll was released by We Ask America showing Bobby Schilling defeating Phil Hare less than 8 weeks before election day.

We Ask America

Bobby Schilling (R)

Phil Hare (D)

Roger Davis (G)


According to We Ask America (the producers of this latest survey),

“[Rep. Phil Hare] has run into a bit of trouble as of late. A rather unfortunate quote regarding the U.S. Constitution started the ball rolling downhill for Hare… To complicate matters for Hare, the district has a Green Party candidate, Roger Davis.”

Hare’s weak re-elect numbers closely reflect a November 2009 poll which showed Hare unable to garner 39% support for his re-election. Today’s We Ask America survey shows Hare dropping to only 23% support from Independents compared to Bobby Schilling’s 44% support. Momentum is on Bobby Schilling’s side and Hare’s poor performance among Independents proves that voters are ready for someone to focus on changing the direction of our economy, lowering spending, and creating good-paying jobs.

In early August of 2010 Public Opinion Strategies released a survey of IL-17 showing a statistical tie. ”Phil Hare is among the most vulnerable incumbents in the country,” said pollster, Glen Bolger of Public Opinion Strategies. ”With an underwhelming image, an upside down re-elect, and a stunningly low ballot score, it is difficult to see a path to victory for the incumbent Congressman. Conversely, Republican Bobby Schilling has built a grassroots campaign that is continuing to gain momentum. As a result, Schilling is well positioned to defeat Hare this November.”

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