Reason #16 to Vote Out Hare

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Reason #16: Phil Hare lied about the
ICGA endorsement.

The Bobby Schilling for Congress campaign unveiled the 16th reason in their “20 Reasons to Vote Out Phil Hare” series. The series focuses on Phil Hare’s record and explains why he does not deserve re-election. The campaign will release one reason per day up until the election.

Reason #16 to Vote Phil Hare Out of Office: Phil Hare lied about the Illinois Corn Growers Association endorsement.

Last night in the WQPT debate, Hare claimed that he had the endorsement of the “corn growers.” Hare was clearly referring to the Illinois Corn Growers Association, a group he had a press conference with yesterday morning discussing river infrastructure.

However, we checked with the ICGA. They do not endorse political candidates.

Bobby Frederick, communications director for the Bobby Schilling campaign, said this type of dishonesty is why Americans are turned off by politics and career politicians.

“It’s one thing to hide from a failed record, but it’s another to outright fabricate an endorsement,” Frederick said. “The Illinois Corn Growers Association does not endorse political candidates, and Phil Hare knows this. Hare is desperate to save his job — he should’ve worried about saving our jobs the last four years. If we can’t trust Phil Hare to be truthful about something as simple as a political endorsement, how can we trust him at all?”

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Quad Cities Dispatch-Argus Endorses Schilling

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Check out this great endorsement today for Bobby, “A New Direction?” The editorial board wrote:

“We believe, as do many Americans, that the one-party rule in Washington is propelling our country in the wrong direction on several issues that greatly impact Main Street.”

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Decatur Herald & Review Endorses Schilling

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Bobby Schilling has been endorsed by the Chicago Tribune, the Sauk Valley News, and now the Decatur Herald & Review. Click here to read the story. Here are some of the highlights:

“It’s time for a change… Schilling is running for his first political office. He and his family own a pizza restaurant in the Quad-Cities after being a union member for years. Schilling says that makes him both “pro-labor and pro-business” and he claims that the best solutions involve a balance between needs. He wants more transparency in the federal government and wants to work across party lines… there’s clearly a need for more representatives in Congress who understand business and who are not professional politicians. The 17th District deserves the change that Schilling will bring.”

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Sauk Valley News Endorses Schilling

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The Schilling for Congress campaign was proud to be endorsed by the Sauk Valley News yesterday. You can read their full endorsement here. Below are some of the highlights:

“Hare exhibits a tin ear about constituent concerns regarding the House’s spendthrift ways – the $787 billion stimulus bill, health care law, cap-and-trade bill, and the seemingly unrestrained use of earmarks to pay for lawmakers’ pet pork projects… Schilling brings a fresh approach to politics honed by his experience… As well as opposing the Pelosi-Hare agenda, Schilling has pledged, if elected, not to become a typical inside-the-beltway congressman… The U.S. House is in disarray, as is the U.S. economy. Joblessness hovers near 10 percent. House members adjourned Sept. 30 without passing any portions of the federal budget or extending the Bush tax cuts. That means more uncertainty for business owners and the unemployed, who continue to wait for the private sector to ramp up hiring. A change for the better clearly is needed. Schilling represents that change. He is endorsed.”

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Chicago Tribune Endorses Bobby Schilling

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You can read it here:

“Republican Bobby Schilling, of Colona, is waging a heck of a campaign and has a real chance of winning. Schilling has been a union official, worked in financial services and now owns a pizzeria in Moline. Schilling knows that farmers and manufacturers in western Illinois benefit from finding more markets, and that business and labor have to work together to establish those markets. Hare has tried to paint Schilling as an extremist. Our impression from talking to Schilling is that he’s a smart, independent conservative. Hare votes the Democratic Party line more than any other member of the Illinois delegation. Schilling is endorsed over Hare and Green Party candidate Roger Davis, of Quincy.”

Catholic Group Endorses Schilling

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Today Bobby was endorsed by Click here to see the endorsement. Brian Burch, President of PAC, says Catholics should rally to support Bobby Schilling:

“As an owner of a small business, Bobby Schilling understands that our economy works best when Washington isn’t picking the winners and losers… Bobby Schilling is a strong pro-life and pro-family leader that Catholics in Illinois and across the country should get behind immediately.”

This is a great endorsement for the Schilling campaign especially because it comes from a non-partisan organization based in Illinois. The organization writes on their website that:

“Being non-partisan allows us to approach issues and candidates with an open mind, and with a clear conscience formed by the principles of our faith. At the same time, being non-partisan preserves Catholics from being ‘owned’ by any party or movement. With this freedom we will be able to more effectively pursue the common good which all people should seek.”

Bobby wants to go to Congress for people who don’t have lobbyists in the Capitol or loopholes in the law. Bobby is a man of character who will represent the people and promote the common good of the 17th district.

Also, here is the new web ad put out recently encouraging Catholics to vote in November.

Endorsement Update!

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Tonight at the Quincy Tea Party meeting Bobby Schilling signed the QTP’s conditional endorsement. Bobby agreed that when elected he would uphold the conservative values of the people of his district. This will be seen as a huge difference between him and his opponent.

FYI Bobby’s opponent actually has a more liberal rating from the ACU, than Nancy Pelosi! Believe it or not but Nancy Pelosi-the representative from the most liberal district in the nation, San Francisco-is more moderate than our own current congressman.

Suffice it to say, Bobby is extremely excited to receive this endorsement.

“The Quincy Tea Party group is full of patriots and people that care deeply for this Nation. They represent the core values of this Nation and I am thrilled with their conditional endorsement.”