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On March 4, 2010, in General, by edwardpan

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Letters to the Editor

On March 2, 2010, in General, by edwardpan

Here are some more letters to the editor from Schilling supporters

Letter: What would Rep. Bobby Schilling do differently?

Some of Rep. Phil Hare’s supporters question Bobby Schilling and what he would do differently if elected to Congress. He would not vote for any legislation without first reading the bill and understanding it. IF Hare read the stimulus package, perhaps he would have realized the $800 billion missed the target of job creation. He would have questioned the wisdom of borrowing. Hare has a defense. He can honestly say, he didn’t read the bill.

Schilling would have questioned the wisdom of rushing through a bill intended to inject the federal government into health care. He would have questioned that the bill was “too important” to wait until the average person had a chance to read and understand it. Hare has the same excuse here that he did with the stimulus package.

Hare’s latest idea is to take billions of borrowed funds and use that to create public service jobs. The first three years would be borrowed money, no idea where the revenue would come from after that. Every dollar he borrows, every dollar of “revenue” he raises, eventually comes from somebody’s pockets. It is this kind of thinking that has Illinois ranked 48th out of 50 states in economic performance. Hare resorts to borrowing and importing terrorists to Thomson. Lately the liberals have been questioning Schilling’s position on Thomson prison. Schilling points out, “Didn’t we build Thomson to handle overcrowding of Illinois prisons? If we sell it to the government, won’t we still have overcrowding?” Schilling supports opening Thomson, as a prison.

My support is simple. He has created jobs, he has run a business, he understands the bottom line, he is rational, and he definitely knows how to read.

William S. Bloom,


Letter: It’s time to clean the House, elect Schilling in the 17th

The political world shouldn’t be suprised by the announcement by Sen. Evan Bayh that he would not seek reelection this fall or by the frustration he felt at Congress which he declared “dysfunctional:, riddled with “brain-dead partisanship” and “permanent campaigning.”

Sen. Bayh went on to say that the American people needed to deliver a “shock” to Congress by voting incumbents out and replacing them with people interested in reforming the process and governing for the good of the people, rather than special-interests.

Even Vice President Biden declared that “Washington D.C. is broken.”

The backroom deals, midnight pay raises, laws that apply to the average citizen but not to Congress (including health care) are destroying this country.

As a Vietnam veteran who cares deeply about this country and believes we are going in the wrong direction, I urge citizens of the 17th District to show their independence, break free of the shackles of the old, tired political machine that has enslaved you, take a breath of fresh air, and vote for Bobby Schilling for Congress.

In addition to being a union member, Bobby is a businessman who has actually created jobs and met a payroll. He is also a family man who believes in the traditional Midwest American family values of ethics, hard work, faith and a dedication to character and principles that made America great.

Bobby is not a professional politician. In fact he has signed a pledge to serve no more than four two year terms. After that he’ll return home and resume his life here in the district. He has also pledged not to accept a salary increase voted by Congress while he is in office or to use the medical plan used by Congress, but to keep his own private plan.

We have an opportunity to clean the House this fall, and a vote for Bobby Schilling will help us do just that.

Ken Moffett,


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Bob’s for Jobs day 4

On January 4, 2010, in Bob's for Jobs Tour, by edwardpan

Today went very well on the Bob’s for Jobs tour. We started off the day in Decatur and finished it off in Litchfield.

Bobby first met with Dan Caulkins in Decatur and the two went down town to meet with local business owners. There were so many neat little shops. Bobby met with employers of all types including a mens clothing store owner, a popcorn store owner, an accounting business and a store owner who makes clothes specialized for the Decatur schools.

Then we traveled to Springfield—one of our favorite stops because of all the cool things to see—then on to Chatham—-and then Bobby met with voters at Nick’s Pizza in Carlinville. There he ate pizza and spoke with voters about the important issues of the day.

From there the campaign headed off to Litchfield to meet with Jeff who owns a gun shop. On the way out to meet with Jeff, the campaign/I took a wrong left turn and went down a road that had been closed for a while. It was pretty funny, but took us a little bit off schedule. Jeff was highly supportive of Bobby because Bobby “came off as a genuine guy.” Jeff also said that he likes Bobby’s idea of a “Contract with the 17th District.” He said that it is good to get someone who wants to serve his fellow citizens but doesn’t have “that self-entitlement” philosophy that leads to Congress serving themselves and not the people.

Stay tuned tomorrow as we meet with employers in Pana, Ramsey, Staunton, Jerseyville and Pittsfield.

By the way…sorry for not posting the pictures up every day. I always forget the campaign camera in the “Bob’s for Jobs-Mobile”

I will get them up soon. Promise!