New Pew Poll on Independent Voters

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Yesterday a new Pew poll testing independent voters was released that confirms a lot of what we are seeing in the race for the 17th congressional district. Analysis from Pew stated:

“The GOP’s advantage comes as a result of their 49% to 36% lead among independent and other non-partisan voters who are likely to vote in November… they are motivated by highly negative feelings about the government’s performance and harsh judgments about the political status quo. Just 35% express approval of their own congressional representative, and they are as likely as Republicans to say that their own incumbent does not deserve reelection.”

The poll shows that independents this year oppose the party in power, are unsatisfied with the current state of the economy, disapprove of the government takeover of health care, prefer smaller government, and overwhelmingly believe Republicans can better improve the job situation and reduce the budget deficit.

The last poll of the IL-17 race showed Bobby winning independent voters by a 2:1 ratio. Bobby is someone new with ideas at a time when the economy is facing double digit unemployment under Phil Hare’s watch. Bobby’s campaign has been focused on issues like how to get the economy working again with policies that will result in economic growth and better conditions for job creation, issues that will appeal to those independent voters who have been hit hard by the recession.

The two graphs below from the Pew poll show the change in preferences and opinions over the last four years.

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WQAD Coverage of the Scott Brown Victory Party

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Take a look at this video from the Bobby Schilling for Congress Victory Rally for Scott Brown at the Rock Island GOP Headquarters.