The Schilling for Congress campaign released its second ad “Hare Was Here” yesterday. This ad came on the heels of a bold statement Hare made to the Quincy Herald Whig that “we’ve got job growth, we’re heading in the right direction.” Hare is standing by his statement saying he “won’t apologize.” Hare refuses to acknowledge or concede that double digit unemployment means we are heading in the wrong direction, and he continues to argue for increased federal spending.

The Quad City Times reported on the story here. The paper reported that:

“Bobby Schilling employed some stinging symbolism Wednesday… a new television ad that takes the Rock Island congressman to task for job losses in the district, including using the old Seaford Clothing plant in Rock Island, where Hare worked for 13 years, as a backdrop… The Seaford example is particularly cutting. In 2009, the Rock Island congressman fought with Wells Fargo over the bankruptcy of Hartmarx, Seaford’s Chicago-based parent company. Hare accused the bank, a major creditor, of working to liquidate Hartmarx rather than allow its sale to London-based Emerisque Brands and the North America unit of Mumbai-based SKNL. The firms had said they would keep the plants open. But while the sale eventually got done, at the last minute, the Seaford plant was closed anyway, with more than 300 workers losing their jobs.”


Bobby Schilling: “I’m Bobby Schilling and I approve this message.”

Voice: “Phil Hare was here. Now our jobs are gone. Hare voted 98% with Nancy Pelosi, not with us. Phil Hare was here, and here, and here. Now Illinois ranks at the bottom in job creation. Hare says we’re heading in the right direction while running up record debt in Washington voting for more job crushing taxes on us.”

Phil Hare: “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Voice: “Now Phil Hare tries to save his job. He should’ve tried saving ours.”

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Bobby Schilling wrote the following op-ed for the Quad Cities Online.

Phil Hare has voted with Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s liberal agenda an astounding 98.8 percent of the time and his blind support for the government take-over of health care was no exception. Hare can’t run from his record of constantly taking away individual and state rights to further expand a massive and growing federal government.

Bragging that he “helped craft this legislation from the very beginning” and that it was “the big win that ordinary people get,” Hare still fails to comprehend the public’s disdain for both the politics and procedure used to shove this legislation down our throats. Hare refuses to acknowledge the harsh realities of what this legislation will do to our country: raise taxes, increase our job-killing federal debt, and cut $500 billion from the Medicare system.

When Congress should have focused on fixing the economy and getting people back to work, Hare was instead operating behind closed doors piling endless layers of government bureaucracy into a 2,500 page bill that the American people opposed. And even though the Joint Economic Committee analysis shows ObamaCare created at least 159 new bureaucratic entities; 47 new agencies, boards, and commissions; 29 new demonstration and pilot programs; and six new regulatory systems and compliance standards, the Nancy Pelosis and Phil Hares in Congress still aren’t satisfied.

They demand more government control no matter the costs, no exceptions.

A Hudson Institute Fellow recently highlighted the negative impact of ObamaCare on jobs writing in the Washington Examiner that “Many businesses across America would applaud repealing the new health care law, freeing them of the upcoming requirement to pay $2,000 per worker per year beginning in 2014… Since the rule applies only to businesses of more than 50 workers, every 50-person business is trying to figure out how not to hire any more workers, and every 55-person business is trying to figure out how to lay off five workers.” The only jobs the bill creates are the 16,500 new IRS agents needed to collect the law’s $570 billion in projected penalties over the next decade. It’s a job killer and a debt driver.

The Democrats even slashed Medicare benefits by $500 billion to help fund the legislation, similar to the way Hare voted to raid the Social Security trust fund to pay for the state bailout fund last month. Unfortunately, Hare has already proven that he is willing to break the promises we made to our seniors if it means he gets the chance to write new government programs into law.

Hare claims costs will go down and coverage will be more affordable. However, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services now estimates that the new law increases health care spending by 6.3 percent each year. Premiums and prices are increasing, in some cases by up to 20 percent. To add insult to injury, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that in the individual market premiums will increase 27 to 30 percent.

While most Democrats across the country are distancing themselves from ObamaCare, and even proposing state waivers from its destructive mandates, Hare makes no apology for his desire to move even further left by imposing a massive “public option” to the new law. Hare’s liberal proposal would mean an even greater surrender to the federal government and total destruction of the private insurance market in America.

Hare and his allies will try to cast me as an uncompassionate critic of ObamaCare. However, I want to be clear in stating that I’m not anti-health care. I’m not opposed to ensuring we provide an adequate safety net for the people who can’t help themselves, such as children and individuals with pre-existing conditions. The health care system was never perfect, and serious reforms are needed.

But the first step is for Congress to repeal the harmful provisions in the bill and replace them with patient-centered and market-based reforms that encourage job creation, bend the cost curve down, increase access to quality medical care, and improve medical outcomes without damaging our economy or stealing Medicare from our seniors. One thing is for certain: expanding government is not the right answer, as Pelosi and Hare believe, during these difficult economic times.

Bobby Schilling of Colona is the GOP candidate for Congress in the 17th Congressional District.

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ICYMI: The Hill on Illinois-17 Race

On September 24, 2010, in General, by edwardpan

The Hill newspaper called IL-17 the “Race of the Day” and said that “if there’s one race that could tell the true size of the expected Republican wave this fall, it may very well be Rep. Phil Hare’s reelection bid in Illinois’ 17th Congressional District.” In other words, Phil Hare got caught off guard and didn’t see Bobby Schilling coming. The paper goes to say:

“To say that Democrats began the year not worrying about Hare’s reelection chances would be an understatement… But Republican Bobby Schilling is making a race of it in the 17th and the contest has quickly moved into tossup territory. Like most Republican challengers this cycle, Schilling has focused on Hare’s voting record, tying the incumbent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and repeatedly hitting Hare’s support for cap-and-trade and the recently-enacted healthcare law… Republicans think the incumbent offered Schilling some ammunition this spring when he said after being challenged by a Tea Party backer at a town hall forum on the constitutionality of health care reform, ‘I don’t worry about the Constitution on this to be honest.’… There has only been one public poll in the race, an automated survey of registered voters from We Ask America, which gave Schilling a three-point edge over Hare. Last month, Republicans touted internal numbers that showed Schilling down just two points to the incumbent, leading GOP pollster Glen Bolger to label Hare ‘one of the most vulnerable incumbents in the country.’”

The ammunition the Hill cites goes way beyond just Hare’s comments on health care and the Constitution. Many people have come to the conclusion that Hare is a true believer in the idea of a bigger and more controlling government, a means to tax and spend more and more of our hard-earned money. Beyond the fact that Hare’s effectiveness in Congress pales in comparison to his colleagues around the country, and that he has never run in such a competitive political race before, his biggest problem is that he has tied himself so closely to the liberal Pelosi agenda that he has completely detached himself from the average American living outside of the Washington, DC beltway.

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Rep. Phil Hare continues to duck the issues and refuses to participate in a real debate with Bobby Schilling in a public, fair, unscripted setting. Apparently, it’s never too early for Hare to panic. However, the quote of the night (that raised eyebrows) goes to the Green Party candidate who said of Hare’s reluctance to participate that:

“I’d like to get people out there so they understand where I am coming from, where Mr. Schilling is coming from and let the people decide in November… I’d like for Mr. Hare to be there, but if he is afraid to tell people where he stands, let him keep hiding.”

Is Hare afraid to tell the voters that he voted for the failed stimulus, the government health care take-over, and the job-killing National Energy Tax? Is Hare unable to defend the liberal Pelosi agenda which he so proudly voted for 98.8% of the time? It was reported that an empty podium will remain at each of the three debate sites in the event that Hare decides to physically show his face to the voters to discuss the issues that matter to them.

Please tell Phil Hare he doesn’t own the 17th district congressional seat. Debates are like job interviews — you can’t simply skip the interview with the employer (the voters) and expect to get the job just because you happen to be a Washington insider who took over $600,000 in special interest contributions.

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In case you missed it, the CNN Political Ticker covered the race for IL-17. Here are some of the highlights:

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