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On February 4, 2010, in General, by edwardpan

Take a moment to read a good post about Bobby from the QC Examiner. Pretty solid.

Attack of the Cornered Rat

The numbers are out on the 17th CD vote count, and it ain’t lookin’ good for The Philster:

Out of a total of 64,141 votes cast:

Hare – 32,496

Schilling – 31,645

That’s right,  Hare only “won” by 851 votes, which is really pathetic when you consider the 17th was gerrymandered for Democrats by Democrats.

When I saw these figures last night, I was thinking about how Hare would respond to them; would he pull an Obama and dou ble down on failed, unpopular leftwing policies; would he factor in The Schilling Effect and tack to the center; would he lay low until later in the year then unleash a barrage of ads, or would he do nothing at all, just stay the course?

My question was answered in this morning’s Dispatch.  In a roundup of post-primary statements by the winners, Dennis Ahern, Rezko’s Banker and Scott Lee Cohen all said the usual things; they were humbled and honored, they thanked their supporters and complimented their opponents, they promised to work hard and “fight” for us, etc.

The one glaring exception was the post-election statement by our wonderful and classy specially selected congressman who wasn’t having any of that nicey-nicey stuff.  Instead, he  immediately launched into an attack on Bobby Schilling that ended  with this little  gem:

“I look forward to having a frank and open discussion with voters about my record and these important issues between now and November”.

Well that would be a first, and with this opening salvo, Hare has made it clear that he isn’t interested so much in “important issues” as he is in typical Chicago-style mudslinging, spreading misinformation and lies about his opponent and getting down and dirty.

I expect Schilling will run a classy, issues-oriented campaign, but we can expect Hare to just be an embarrassment.

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Schilling Accepts Nomination

On February 4, 2010, in General, by edwardpan

Says strong support at polls a sign of things to come

EAST MOLINE, IL–Bobby Schilling, Republican candidate for Congress in the Illinois 17th District, released the following statement after receiving his the GOP’s nomination:

“After the results of yesterday’s election, one thing is clear: voters are ready for a clean break from the failed ideas of the past. Voter turnout shows that my Democrat opponent and I nearly had identical votes. This means that for the first time in a long time, supporters of our campaign are more excited than ever. Supporters from all over the district and state are fired up, ready to get a fresh start from the current regime, which embraces the historically failed ideas of taxing and spending, bigger government control and a weakened national security. Our dedicated volunteers were instrumental in getting out the vote for my campaign. We know that the task ahead of us will be difficult, but we are ready to work hard and get this thing accomplished.”

Bobby Schilling, a native of Rock Island, has served as a local union steward and also has 13 years of union experience. Schilling, a local business owner and father of nine children, is running on a platform of bringing jobs and real representation back to the 17th district. Earlier this year, Schilling conducted a 34-city “Bob’s for Jobs” tour, where he met with voters and employers all across the district. Schilling is the Republican candidate for the Illinois 17th District.

For more information about Bobby Schilling please visit his website at http://www.bobsforjobsblog.com

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He said what?

On February 3, 2010, in General, by edwardpan

In a press release sent out last night, Congressman Hare issued a quite misleading, but funny statement:

“I congratulate Bobby Schilling for winning the Republican nomination for Congress in the 17th District. This November, voters will have a stark choice about what direction they want to see our country head. Faced with a historic economic crisis, I made the necessary votes to prevent us from falling into a depression. I am now fighting everyday to create jobs so the people of my district can begin to share in the recovery. Mr. Schilling has a very different view of how to get our economy back on track. He supports lowering corporate taxes at a time of record profits and lavish bonuses. He opposes additional regulation of Wall Street¹s risky behavior and excess saying “the problem will fix itself.” He opposes bringing federal money back to the 17th District, calling such critical investments in infrastructure, energy, and education “wasteful spending.” And he opposes the federal purchase of Thomson prison, choosing fear mongering over 3,000 jobs for our area. I look forward to having a frank and open discussion with voters about my record and these important issues between now and November.”

Let’s take a look at what he just said and why it is misleading but funny.

1. He said that Schilling opposes regulations that would keep Wallstreet from making wreckless decisions. This could not be further from the truth. First and foremost the policy that causes Wallstreet to make “wreckless decisions” is called the “Too Big to Fail” policy. This policy–accepted and promoted by Congressman Hare–gave Wallstreet a ‘free-pass’ to make wreckless decisions. You can put all of the regulations in the world on Wallstreet, but as long as they are guaranteed a bailout if they fail, they will always maximize risk to get a bigger profit. Why? Because they don’t have to worry about losing everything.

The fact of the matter is that politicians who supported the bailout–like Rep. Hare did–do everything to encourage Wallstreet to take more risks and hurt our economy.

2. He said that Schilling opposes opening the Thomson Prison, and has resorted to fearmongering. This is wrong on two fronts: a. Schilling supports opening Thomson, but as a state prison to help with the over-crowding of other Illinois prisons and b. Phil Hare uses the fearmongering tactic everyday. How many times have we heard him repeat the lie that 14,000 people lose their health insurance everyday or that 400 people die everyday from lack of health insurance? Schilling is not fearmongering and brings up valid points—the biggest point is that this prison is 25 miles from a nuclear plant and could attract dangerous people to the area.

If Hare wants to get to the nitty gritty on this, then he should pressure the federal government to release the statistics on Guantanamo and how many attempts at break-outs they have received and other information.

Also if this deal is good for our state, then why have Kansas and Michigan both turned this deal down? Isn’t the economy in Michigan much worse than it is here? The politicians obviously, aren’t telling us all the details.

3. While Congressman Hare says that he is fighting everyday to bring jobs back to the district, he has been quite unsuccessful. Since Rep. Hare has been on the 17th District’s payroll, there have been thousands and thousands of jobs lost all throughout the district. In fact the net job losses in the district are so terrible, that Bobby Schilling has created more jobs with his pizza place than Congressman Hare has in his twenty years on the district’s payroll.

You can’t get jobs unless you have a leader who understands business. Anyone who has been involved in a business understands that higher taxes will do nothing to help the huge unemployment problem.

It’s confusing to think about it, but Hare says he is working everyday to get jobs back to the district, but thinks that employers need to be taxed more because they get paid too much. Employers, if taxed more, will cut back on costs–i.e. employees and production costs(many of which will hurt American jobs because the foreign countries do almost everything cheaper)–any costs that they can’t cut from those two sections will be made up in a price increase to the consumer.

We need someone who is effective at bringing jobs back to the area, not someone who just “works everyday” to get jobs here. We have seen the effects of his failed tax and spend policies throughout the years and they have done nothing to bring permanent and stable jobs to the 17th.

4. Hare criticizes Schilling for opposing pork. The first mistake that he makes here is that he says that Schilling opposes crucial infrastructure projects, energy and education because and he considers it “wasteful spending.”

This is simply not true and is a complete fabrication. Schilling is on the record in newspapers across the district saying,

“I understand that we need to spend money, but I also understand the difference between necessary and unnecessary spending. I don’t really consider spending $30 million for the swamp mice in California to be necessary spending.”

Schilling is not on the record opposing important infrastructure projects, energy or education and most definitely not opposed to all government spending–this is quite an absurd idea–only wasteful pork projects like the frisbee golf course in Texas, neon lights in Las Vegas and the swamp mice in California.

It is important to note that we currently have a national debt of over $12 trillion, and the Democrats in Congress, including Phil Hare, voted to spend tons of money on wasteful projects like the ones listed above that didn’t need to be spent.

Congressman Hare should stay away from the sneaky and underhanded “Margins at Midnight” and submit budget proposals the correct way.

Ahhh but this is politics. With Schilling being a pizza-guy he is used to the heat in the kitchen…

Vote Totals Nearly Identical in Primary

On February 3, 2010, in General, by edwardpan

Phil Hare received 32,496 votes in the Democratic Primary. Bobby Schilling received 31,645 votes in the Republican Primary. The votes are nearly identical due to the fact that Phil Hare had a considerable number of under votes, perceived to be dissatisfaction votes on Phil Hare due to the fact that voters had to choose a Democratic or Republican ballot.

Below are the results for the 2010 primary elections:




















Rock Island






Vote Difference

Total Votes Cast

Schilling %

Hare %

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