Bobby Schilling has added another promise to his “Contract with the 17th District.”

Promise #6:

I will not vote in support of any bill that I have not read.

Bobby said that this was an important promise to make to the district because it is dangerous to vote on bills that haven’t been read. He said, “It is really shocking that congressmen actually vote on bills without having read them. To not read a bill, but yet vote in favor of it, is completely irresponsible and lazy. Many will say that it is unrealistic to expect a busy congressman to read a 2,000 page bill. If that’s the case, then maybe we shouldn’t have any more 2,000 page bills!”

Bobby is dedicated to serving his future district and plans on going to Washington with a “Servant’s Heart,” not a lobbyist’s wallet.

Bob’s for Jobs Tour: Day 1

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Monday, December 28th marked the first day of the Bob’s for Jobs Tour. Bobby and his campaign staffers took his message and plan to business and community leaders across the northern part of the 17th District. The tour started in Erie and finished up back home in Moline. Schilling met with employers in Erie, Sterling, Kewanee, Cambridge and Moline. For the most part everyone had the same message: Stop the Spending and and talk of higher taxes!

Business leaders throughout the district know that higher spending leads to higher taxes and more regulations. Bobby told employers that he understands clearly that higher taxes and more regulations are business and job ‘killers’.

Stay tuned tomorrow (actually later today because it took me a while to figure out this whole Word-press thing) for pictures and updates on Day 2 of the Bob’s for Jobs Tour.

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Bob’s for Jobs: Day 2 finito

On December 29, 2009, in Bob's for Jobs Tour, by edwardpan

Today was the best day of the tour yet. Bobby met with citizens, employers and community leaders across the “mid-north-western” part of the 17th district.

The overall message that has been received so far is that Congress is not paying attention or listening to the people. There were several citizens/employers that said that they wanted a congressman who cared enough about them to meet them. One man from Stronghurst said, “Bobby, this is the third time that I have seen you in town. I have never seen the sitting congressman.”

That’s another major issue that Bobby has been hitting hard on: Representation. Everywhere he goes, he makes sure that people know that when he gets into office, he plans to travel the entire district regularly. Schilling told a group of voters that just because their town was small that they still deserved a voice.

And come next Novemeber, that is just what he plans on giving them.

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