Reason #6 to Vote Out Hare

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Reason #6: Phil Hare Voted to Send
Jobs Overseas.

The Bobby Schilling for Congress campaign unveiled the sixth reason in their “20 Reasons to Vote Out Phil Hare” series. The series focuses on Phil Hare’s record and explains why he does not deserve re-election. The campaign will release one reason per day up until the election.

Reason #6 to Vote Phil Hare Out of Office: Phil Hare is the only candidate in this race to actually send jobs overseas.

The $787 billion stimulus bill not only failed to hold unemployment rates below 8%, as the Obama Administration promised, it also managed to ship jobs overseas.

According to an ABC News Report, the stimulus bill has resulted in U.S. dollars going overseas to support foreign jobs. Russ Choma of the Investigative Reporting Workshop says that nearly 80 percent of the $2.2 billion in green energy grants within the stimulus have gone to foreign companies. In fact, it is estimated that this grant program in the stimulus has shipped 6,000 jobs overseas.

Communications director, Bobby Frederick, said that Phil Hare cannot hide from the facts.

“Phil Hare can spend all the money he wants on false ads, but the proof is in the voting record and Phil Hare is the only candidate in this contest to send American jobs to foreign countries,” said Frederick.

ABC News also reported that a wind farm in West Texas was slated to obtain a $450 million grant, even though most of the turbines would be made in China. A leading Democrat Senator even demanded that President Obama block the project, which would create up to 3,000 jobs in China. Frederick said the stimulus law, which Phil Hare voted for, lacked the necessary safeguards to protect American jobs.

“Democrats in Congress were successful in ramming this $787 billion, 400 page law through, but they failed to ensure that all the money would be spent in the United States,” Frederick said. “Sending career politicians like Phil Hare back to Congress ensures that Washington will always be broken. Phil Hare’s record of sending jobs overseas stands in stark contrast to the small business and job creation experience of Bobby Schilling.”

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New York Times Piles On Hare

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Today the New York Times specifically cites Phil Hare in an article about national races that are too close to call. They wrote that:

“In Illinois, Representative Phil Hare, a Democrat, is trying to hold off an energized challenger… The Midwest, with its job losses and stagnant economy, is looming as particularly difficult terrain for Democrats, who have multiple tough races in Ohio, Illinois and Michigan… they say they have no illusions about the political environment, they say they are highly competitive…”

The New York Times put it nicely for Hare saying he was up against “an energized challenger.” The truth is the race for IL-17 has become competitive for two main reasons. First, this race is about people’s dissatisfaction with Phil Hare’s liberal voting record on the bailouts, the failed stimulus, the costly government take-over of health care, higher taxes, fewer jobs, more out-of-control spending, and a general disconnect with the American people. Second, this election is about Phil Hare being an incumbent who has contributed to the current economic recession, and who has for the last two years set our country on the wrong course.

Bobby Schilling is a clean break from the past and a successful small business man who has promised to be a check and balance on Congress’ liberal agenda.

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Townhall Publication Calls Illinois’ 17th CD the 2010 Race of the Day

Outlines Rep. Phil Hare’s Incumbency Troubles

The NRCC Political Director, Brian Walsh, penned an article today in Townhall titled “2010 Race of the Day: Phil Hare’s Incumbency Problems.” Here is some of what Walsh had to say:

“In Hare’s two terms, however, he has forgotten what it’s like to be from Illinois, as he is every bit immersed in the infamous Washington bubble—one that prevents those that work there from having any actual sense of reality.

Case in point: Hare has gone on record numerous times as saying he believes the failed stimulus has been successful.  When the vast majority of the country believes it has fallen well short of the grand expectations it was passed under, Hare’s steadfast support exposes his detachment from the average American.

He quickly became a reliable puppet of the Democartic leadership as he also provided key votes for the government takeover of healthcare and cap and trade, better known as the new National Energy Tax.

Even more appalling is the fact that Hare quickly fell in step with the so-called ethics displayed by the rest of his party as he was quick to ensure as many earmarks for his district as possible. It’s really no wonder why polling shows this race virtually tied.”

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This weekend Bobby Schilling put out a press release with a reaction to the depressing economic news reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Under Phil Hare’s failed leadership Illinois has lost 171,100 jobs since the stimulus passed in February of 2009. Here is the Schilling release:

When the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act passed in February 2009, the Obama Administration projected that the bill would create 3.7 million jobs by December 2010, including 148,000 new jobs in Illinois. This has not happened. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 2.6 millions jobs have been lost since the $787 billion stimulus package’s passage, a net difference of 6.3 million jobs. Illinois has lost 171,100 jobs since the bill’s passage, a net difference of 319,100 jobs.

Bobby Schilling, Republican candidate for Congress in the Illinois 17th District, believes these numbers are indicative of the failure of the stimulus bill.

“It’s been 18 months since the passage of the stimulus, and we’re still waiting for these new jobs,” Schilling said. “Actually, we’ve lost more jobs. We spent $787 billion our country couldn’t afford on a bill that made a bad economic situation worse. People are starting to realize that raising taxes and spending excessively is not the way out of a recession. It’s time for representation that will do what it takes to bring jobs to the 17th District. I will fight for low taxes, for fiscal responsibility, and for the needs of the people of this district.”

These figures are clear proof that we need a change and that the way forward is with new leadership. We must replace Phil Hare in November to refocus on jobs and the economy in 2011. Thankfully, Bobby Schilling is focused on the economy and job creation for the middle class. Schilling’s business background and prescription of pro-growth, low tax policies is what we need in Congress to fix the unemployment crisis here in Illinois.

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More disappointing news is tricking in as Illinois struggles to compete for jobs.  The Illinois Statehouse wrote that December’s unemployment went from 10.9% in November to 11.1% in December. Its continuing to be very difficult to see the miserable unemployment numbers, and watch our government take no action in creating jobs in the district.

Part of the situation has to do with the ongoing state budget issues:

State Rep. Don Moffit, R-Gilson, said unemployment tied in directly to the state’s massive budget problem.

“When people are working you’re generating state income tax and state sales tax,”he said. “So continued efforts at creating jobs, lowering unemployment, need to be at the top of the agenda for the legislature and the administration [of Gov. Pat Quinn].”

However, where is the stimulus, one of the largest beneficiary out of the 50 states in the US according to Is the government creating a climate of job opportunity and growth, or are they trying to spend more of our taxpayer money to make jobs?

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Hyperinflation Coming…what to do?

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A great opinion piece published by Gregory Mankiw in the New York Times take a look at the impact of hyperinflation, the continuous printing of money when no real value is behind it. The reason this piece is related to jobs is because of the impact of inflation on the job market. The value of the dollar has struggled mightily with the euro and other international currencies. Why is our dollar struggling terribly? What are the Feds doing to control our dollar? What are the Feds doing?

The Federal Reserve possesses substantial power over the money supply, interest rates, and really how our economy moves. We as Americans need to know everything that is going on inside the Fed, namely where our taxpayer dollars are going, why we are handing out big bailouts, and who is accountable to the Fed. That is why Bobby Schilling supports HR 1207, the ‘Audit the Fed’ bill.

The American people have the right to know why job stimulating….ahem, I mean job killing government spending is coming out from Washington. Why print more money when trying to create opportunities for small businesses to succeed?

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