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Below is a message from Bobby Schilling for Congress press secretary Terry Schilling


I write this to you today from Boston Logan International Airport. I have a constant smile on my face as last night was one of the most historic nights in the history of this young republic. For 47-years this senate seat was held by Ted Kennedy. Massachusetts hasn’t elected a Republican to the U.S. Senate for over 30 years. Last night, Americans came together and made phone calls, knocked on doors, donated money and said prayers to help get an independent mind in that seat.

We succeeded!

Being from the State of Illinois, the 17th Congressional District, and Rock Island County, I have seen so many similarities between where I am from and the state of Massachusetts. Voters here never expected to elect a Republican senator, but they did. We can do the same thing in Illinois.

Time and time again, I have heard the expression on the campaign trail, “Oh be careful about that democratic-machine” or “Just wait till we turn on the democratic machine.” Last night Scott Brown and the People of Massachusetts united to defeat “The Machine.” People in Illinois can, and will unite to defeat the machine. Our nation and our freedom is far too important to let them continue to ‘buy us off.’

Scott Brown’s victory was not easy. There were multiple factors that took part in his winning campaign:

1. He ran a clean, issues based campaign.

2. He campaigned on being an ‘Independent Thinker’ not a rank and file party member.

3. He had a tremendous amount of support from volunteers.

Friends we can win, and we will win!

We just need the tools and the ammunition to win. Please click here to become a part of the Schilling campaign by volunteering.

Last night, we gave a ‘haymaker’ to the socialist health care plans for our Nation. One good punch isn’t enough for a knock out. We need to continue moving strong and win in November. Let’s knock out socialism together.

-Terry Schilling

PS: We need you to dedicate yourself to making sweeping changes in Washington. Sign up to volunteer right now, even if its just a day, an hour, or even a minute.

Volunteer Day

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Friends, join me and other candidates for office in Rock Island County Saturday, January 9th, for a volunteer day at the Rock Island County GOP Headquarters from 9AM-12PM. Stop on in anytime during those hours. Help with mailings, flyers, or make phone calls for mine and various other candidates. Below is the event details:

RI GOP Headquarters
1721 5th Avenue
Moline, IL

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