What’s For Lunch? 7 Ways To Eat Healthy At Work

On December 1, 2021, in Lifestyle, by edwardpan

Ways To Eat Healthy and Not Lose It At Work

Many people are focused on making better lifestyle choices including making better food choices. There’s eating paleo, becoming vegan or vegetarian, intermittent fasting, eating several meals a day vs 3 meals a day, so on and so forth. The information and the choices on how to maintain one’s health can be overwhelming. For those who may have a profession where you sit for long periods of time, becoming sedentary can become a way of life. This may also be true for students, caretakers and the like. If you are in a space (work, school, or otherwise) with access to vending machines, regular office sweet treats, or awesome happy hours, it is very easy to fall into the habit of eating whatever is available to you.

To stay on track here are 7 ways to eat healthy at work:

1. Always Eat Breakfast

Those who eat breakfast jump start their metabolism, are more alert, have more energy, and actually make healthier food choices throughout the day. Instead of grabbing a chocolate chip muffin on the run, consider re-evaluating your day in such a way that will allow you a few extra minutes before you head out to prepare some oatmeal or a veggie scramble.

2. Get Moving

In addition to those who eat breakfast on a regular basis, those who get some form of a workout in before they start their day approach food differently. No one wants to sabotage what they just did in the gym with food that doesn’t support those fitness efforts. Morning workouts can also help you avoid scheduling conflicts and can also help you to be more alert.

3. Prepare Your Meals Beforehand

How many times have you had every good intention to eat something healthy but then just ate what was available?  It happens to all of us.  If you want to eat healthy at work, food prep is the name of the game. It will definitely help you to stay on track with your eating plan. Taking the time to plan and prepare your meals for the week will help you remain focused on your goal. Take it a step further and portion out your meals in food prep containers so you can grab and go.

4. Don’t Freestyle At The Grocery Store

Plan to go to the grocery store. When you are there, have a list. This will keep you on track and away from random treats ending up in your cart. Depending on the way your grocery store is set up, the healthier items are in the perimeter of the store. Need some inspiration finding delicious healthy meals to prepare for the week?  Consider creating a Pinterest board of meals that interest you. Pinterest is full of ways to eat healthy at work. You can keep up on the latest healthy recipes or watch a short video showing the ingredients that are needed.

5. Keep Healthy Snacks On Hand

There is nothing worse than realizing you are ravenous without a snack stash in reach. This will lead to you eating random things from the vending machine or break room. Keeping healthy snacks in your purse, book bag, desk, or office refrigerator can help you to stay in control when hunger strikes.

6. Avoid Mindless Eating

Ever wonder how the entire box of Cheez-It disappeared down your throat while you were working on the computer?  It’s very easy to do when you are distracted. The same thing can happen when you are eating your lunch while at your desk. Remember to portion out your meals and other snacks while working at your desk. Working against deadlines or having a working lunch is sometimes unavoidable. But it is worth it to step away from your work space to enjoy your lunch at a slower, more mindful pace.

7. Drink More Water

Many times, when you think you are hungry, you are actually dehydrated. So drink up! Get into the habit of drinking a glass of water before and after each meal to avoid overeating. If you are actually hungry, then go ahead and eat.

Staying healthy at work (or anywhere for that matter) is a commitment. It takes discipline and focus, but it can be done. Planning beforehand will help you avoid making unhealthy choices. Have a plan.

As always we want to hear from you.  What is your favorite tip for ways to eat healthy at work?  Please share your tips for how you stay healthy on the go.


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